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About David Iscoe

I am a writer residing in Brooklyn, NY. I write:

Stage comedy
Standup comedy
Nonfiction in various experimental formats
Experimental fiction
Blog-like material
Television pilots

In addition, I teach classes, perform comedy, and occasionally act and voice-act.

Mostly, though, I do day jobs and just try to get through the day because the world is really fucking expensive and really I don't have much time and energy to create. Which isn't a problem unique to me, and I'm not uniquely deserving, or anything. I'm just saying that's a thing that happens, a lot, and I'm one of the people it happens to. Many people think we should all quit, and fair enough if we were all going to become farmers or service workers or public advocacy lawyers and society compensated people fairly for it, that would be nice, but a lot of these people are market-oriented folks who think it's basically good to work in jobs that are basically just ways for rich people to rip the bones off the backs of others and re-market them as nourishing "bone broth," so you have to take it with a grain of salt.

Anyway there's a lot of people who would be better writers than me who aren't writing because they don't have the time and money. There are a lot of people who are worse writers who are writing because they do have the time and money. I used to wonder about how good I was but now I try to just do okay, but I still would love to have more time and money.

So here's a way to give me some, but really consider giving it to some other people instead.

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