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About Dragonmar

My name is Kyle, but you probably know me as Dragonmar from Overwatch. My goal is, and always has been to provide educational content for anyone looking to learn.

My Ranking
Season 1: Top 500
Season 2: Injured :(
Season 3: Grandmaster(2 accounts)

Due to my skill in Overwatch, I realized that I possess a great opportunity to help people get better at the game, hence my YouTube channel. I consider myself very knowledgeable about the game, and am constantly studying and learning new things to teach my viewers. This Patreon is specifically set up for people who are seeking personal, one on one attention to help them get better at the game. This is something I simply cannot do on YouTube because of time restraints, but Patreon will allow those who want to specifically go above and beyond to support, the ability to reap the benefits.

I love teaching, I love learning, but most of all I love helping other people. Thank you for support!
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Pretty crazy, would help get a new headset!
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