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Donators support the continued growth of swgoh.help - What an excellent group of people! <3 Your presence on the official discord server will be known to all by unlocking the "Donator" role for you. When you are online, your name will be listed clearly under the "DONATORS" group! Yay :)
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API Supporter

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API Supporters unlock upgraded access to the API to power up their community projects and provide a better experience for their users.

Player Cache Cooldown reduced
(1 hour from 4 hours)

Guild Cache Cooldown reduced
(3 hours from 6 hours)

SWGOH Rate Limits increased
(600 per min from 44 per min)

Access to the discord/ally code registry.

Query players and guilds by discord IDs.

Powerquery game data for richer results.

You also receive all benefits of the "Donator" tier!

Thanks for your support <3
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API Power Supporter

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API Power Supporters get the following:

1 x Premium key for swgohNet client
(Premium client opens local webhost that allows direct game query every 500ms)

You also receive all benefits of the "Donator" & "API Supporter" tiers!

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About Midgar777

Hello there <3

SWGOH.help is a community-developed tool for the mobile game "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes". It allows users to enter their ally code and receive feedback/recommendations for their SWGOH roster. This provides them with useful feedback on which raids/activities they are ready to participate in, but also which characters they should develop next.

When I started all this, I initially built a website called "Midgar777's Roster Progress Indicator" - it was simple, built from pretty sketchy code, but it provided a useful service that nobody else catered for. Since then, the game has changed significantly and the tool has evolved to provide new features to match those added to the game. With the help and support of some excellent community developers (Shittybill, Sigsig, Gavon Mothma, and Ralph) we have not only improved the tool, but also created a powerful API that can empower other developers with a passion for SWGOH to develop their own tools.

We currently have 2 servers running (both named after my cats!) that house the front-end website and the API. They are currently funded by me personally, but due to the rise in popularity of the tool, we are looking to expand to allow for more requests and a higher bandwidth that will provide improved stability for all of our users.

If you are able to pledge towards the costs of running the server, it would REALLY help the project to grow and it would truly make a difference to the experience/service that we can offer to the community.

Thanks for taking the time to read this... and whether you are able to pledge or not, let it be known that we truly appreciate your support and interest in swgoh.help!

Be Safe. Be Happy <3

Midgar777 / Pete

$80 - reached! per month
This would make a HUGE difference to SWGOH.help as we would be able to significantly increase the hardware available to developers using the API. This would primarily increase server memory and vastly reduce any strain placed on the service given the current amount of traffic it receives!
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