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Get a shout out at the beginning of my next video!

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*Access to live stage reactions and fancam reactions which are unavailable on my YouTube channel. This includes any live stage showcases/ fancams.

-Helping me decide what live stages to react to, what groups and also access to these live stages. These are videos that are usually copy written by YouTube such as Korean and Japanese live stages and music videos. 

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*Access to live stage and fancam reactions

*Involvement in polls for any live stage or drama/variety show requests


-Access to variety show/drama reactions. These will be any episode of whatever ya'll have voted for in the polls!




Hello my beautiful friends, welcome to your Patreon! I wanted to be able to open something that allows me to post additional content and get all of you involved and involved in building my channel. I want to make it more personal by getting you guys involved in my videos/channel, being able to get to know you guys a little better and personally and to be able share and to upload videos/reactions/other things that I am passionate about and love which I am unable to upload on YouTube such as; live stages, variety shows, even watching some drama series and more! I love you guys so much and I appreciate all you have done for me and supporting me!

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