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About Nociceptor

Well, we have decided to join some of our colleagues on the Patreon bus. We cannot afford the overhead costs of being working musicians. We have no such delusions that we will ever be able to quit our day-jobs, but as it stands now, it would cost us over $1000 just to play a show. You see, we are spread out over the country, and just to play one show requires at least one round-trip plane ticket and shipping of equipment. Not to mention the loss of money from having to take off work for the show and whatever rehearsal time is needed beforehand. Then there is the cost of gasoline, food, and lodging. It adds up really quickly and the clubs just don't pay enough to make it feasible. This is where you, the fans, can help. With your direct support, we can curb the costs described above and would be able to play many shows (perhaps even tour...), as well as pay for the costs of printing and distributing new music and merchandise. 
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If we can bring in $1000 a month, this will cover all the band's basic expenses to be able to write, record, and release music, as well as helping with the cost of scheduling and playing shows all around the world!
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