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Voice Mail Greeting by Kenny Pick

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I'll record an MP3 or WAV file up to 30 seconds long for your voicemail or whatever the heck you want it for!

Voicemail Greeting by Kenny Pick!

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Get a 30 second MP3 or WAV from Kenny Pick AND a bonus 30 second audio file from an Indie Media Weekly personality of your choice! You write the words... We'll read and record them!

Page of Comic Book Art by Kenny Pick!

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In another lifetime, Kenny Pick was a comic book artist! I hate talking about myself in the 3rd person... I  still have a big selection of Original Art Pages for you to pick from at this contribution level! I'll gladly send pictures of the pages I have up for grabs!!!




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About Kenny Pick

Hi there! Kenny Pick here... With the cost of internet radio rising, I thought it might be a good idea to reach out to you, our audience members for some modest financial support to help keep Indie Media Weekly & Turn Up the Night afloat! We're not in dire straights yet, but this is a "preemptive strike" to ensure we continue to provide top quality programming, entertaining radio shows & a wide variety of music for all of you! If every listener gave a buck or two a month, it would make a sizable dent our bills and help keep things up and running! The Indie Media Weekly community has always been our inspiration and driving force. Anything you can do to support the cause is appreciated more that you could imagine! And remember... You are the resistance.
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Our monthly operating expenses are only a couple hundred dollars a month, but by the end of the year, it really stacks up.
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