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Amazing Art Fairies – Random Art!

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My Amazing Art Fairies! I am so happy to have you along for the ride on my magic carpet of art.  Everyone gets a bunch of great stuff. Including:


To start with all patrons will receive this level of reward. Any support I get is AWESOME and I want you to know how much it means to me. So thank you! Thank you, thank you.

On random occasion you will get little arty posts of artwork and inspiration into your inbox. I try to do these MOST WEDNESDAYS.  

You my patron, will of course be INVITED TO ALL MY EXHIBITIONS and other art events occasionally too.

US $2 a month = $2.78 AU, £1.51 GBP, €1.76 

Approximate as of Feb 2019

The Minstrel's Muse – Studio Glimpses!

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Ahhh the Minstrels Muses! We all need you. You are the ones that drop a coin or a note or even a song into the Minstrels cap. You are the ones that feed the buskers. You are the inspiration we need! You get everything everyone else gets:  



That's right YOU get to see the ART as I make it:

Whoohoo! You will get regular live updates from my studio, That's right. Whenever the muse has got me in her throws you will get Glimpses into my Studio and see the artwork in the making. 

Yep that's FRESH ART in your lunchbox, I mean inbox! It may just be occasionally though as usually I only get one or two of these out a month. (When the muse has got me I am often completely lost)

If you want weekly updates and deep insights, and not miss anything! Go to the $10 a month tier. There you will get weekly personal posts and insights and be part of my Medici Family.

GIFT: You will also get a special little something to say thank you at the end of the year. 

US $6 a month = $8.35 AU, £4.35 GBP, €5.27

Approximate as of Feb 2019

My Medici Family – The Inside Story!

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THIS IS THE MOST HELPFUL tier, you guys are my family. The Medici Family were the famous patrons of the arts in Florence, Italy. By becoming my Patron, YOU are my Medici Family! You will get deep insights into my work every week. Thank you so much you – this means the world to me. You guys get everything else plus:


By supporting me at this level you are showing me you believe in me; you care about my art and what I am doing and YOU want to help me make it! That is AMAZING! I really thank you for that, it means so much to me. Really this will help me enormously on a practical level.

Every Monday you will get another episode of – The Long Story directly to your inbox. The Long Story is the ongoing story of the creation of my artwork, what I have made, why I make it and how. That's about 50 posts a year with updates on latest artworks, ideas, artworks in progress, thoughts, exhibitions, residencies and more! You will get intimate insights no one else does. Eventually these posts may be published into a blog or book even, but YOU get them first. You are the ones I share the most with, you are reading my weekly art journal entry. That should get more art in your life and more of an insight into my creative process as well. 

Now I have a new camera I will make lovely ART ADVENTURE VIDEOS that will filter down to you too! Whoohooo!


This is the BEST, you will get random, actual physical ART GIFTS, cards and other things to to say thank you so so SO so much!  I will send you seasonally, and especially towards the end of the year, for you to use as you will. More abut things I make here at my Red Bubble page


For works not in a commercial gallery or exhibition you get a discount 10% off the price of artwork (where possible)! Yes, that's right, you will effectively get some of your Patreon pledge money right back in ART if you decide to buy an artwork. 

The Medici Family means the world to me, they are my art family. 

US $10 a month = $13.92 AU, £7.54 GBP, €8.79 

Approximate as of Feb 2019




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About Katie Roberts Art

Welcome to my Patreon Page!

Hello! It is wonderful to have you here, thank you for joining me. So here we go... ready to deliver you some love and ART! All set to BLAST OFF!!! Whoohoo. Away we go... 

Are you ready for an adventure into ART?

Katie Roberts 'Land Memory – Melbourne' mixed media on canvas 2006.

Firstly, THANK YOU! Thank you SO very much for visiting.

Thank you for your interest in my artwork in the first place. Thank you even more if you're thinking about supporting me making my art! Thank you, thank you, thank you... I am so glad you are here. It is very humbling and very exciting too. 

If you want to skip to the chase, please jump over to the BECOME A PATRON Button and choose a tier of monthly support and that suits you, (you an offer any amount over $2). Then I will deliver you ALL sorts of goodies! Press the GET REWARD button and away we GO! 

***For more information and to answer ALL your QUESTIONS, please see below ***

WHO is Katie Roberts? 
Hello, I am Katie Roberts, a Melbourne based, visual artist with a vision. Seriously, I had a vision at age four, that I would be an Artist (yes with a capital ART!). So, that has been my driving passion ever since and has got me through some very tough times... more about me later. Here I am, Katie Roberts an Artist. 

WHAT Are Your Qualifications?
I studied art for over ten years, first at NMIT then a BA Majoring in Drawing at RMIT (from 1996-1999 Under Godwin Bradbeer, yes I'm name dropping - forgive me!). I made a cross-disciplinary installation art called Cocooned and graduated with first class Honours in 2000. Following this I started a community gallery, Synergy Gallery in Northcote and curated and assisted hundreds of artists over 200 shows (mostly voluntarily). I completed my Masters of Fine Art in 2006 making projection installations and looking at the topic Light as a Medium.

What Art Do You MAKE?
Much of my artistic output are works on paper, often large scale drawings executed in pencil, ink and mixed media. Though I do not consider myself an artist limited to one medium. I make everything from drawings to video projections, oil paintings to multi-disciplinary, collaborative projects. In 2006 started a giant body of work about the Birrarung or Yarra River and the landscape and history of Melbourne. I have exhibited this along the river including a major exhibition at Montsalvat in 2009/10. Since then I have continued expanding this project to cover more of the catchment including a residency at Darebin Parkands (2014/15) and Point Nepean (2016/2017). I am continuing to work from my home studio and outdoors too. 

You can see more of my work here on my facebook page, or here, here, and here!

WHY Do You Make Art?
I am committed to making artwork that makes the world a more beautiful, honest and hopeful place. I try to make artwork that addresses critical issues effecting the humanity, society and the earth; including the personal, spiritual and environmental. I do that by making art that I hope captures the spirit of place, the universality of human experiences, that engages the emotions and that provokes thought. I hope it is somehow a conduit for social change. Ultimately, I try to make work that is both profound and beautiful.

What does Your Art DO?
Imbued in most of my work is an interest in the environment and our relationship to it. Since 2006 I have been making a body of work about the Yarra River, or Birrarung, in Melbourne; incorporating many different cultural ways of representing the land and reflecting on the many layers of history here. This work is about acknowledging the Wurundjeri people and the Kulin Nation as the traditional custodians of this land and incorporating that history into my artwork. This body of work is ongoing and I hope to re-map the whole of the catchment.

Why Do You NEED Patrons?
After a year of having this Patreon up and running I have discovered that actually the most important and significant thing about it is the sense of NOT BEING ALONE, of having a community (albeit small at the moment) of beautiful people that believe in my art. That believe in me!

That has had a huge impact. I feel like i have a little team of cheerleaders on my shoulder whispering 'Yay!' and 'Go Katie' and other encouraging things as I go through my day, trying to make art. It's been wonderful! It's also amazing to share my art and process with people, I think it keeps me accountable to. Accountable to my dreams, accountable to myself, accountable to you. 

The little bit of extra money towards art equipment has made a difference too. In the last year i have finally managed to by a DSLR camera and lights and a mic – all things that have been on my list for YEARS! 

Miraculously I manage to actually live as an Artist!  But at the moment I don't make a LIVING from my art. I don't quite live in the abject poverty everybody warned me I would when I was a child, BUT it is tough to make a living as an artist. I hope you agree the world NEEDS art.

Art can be a world changing force, a transformational personal experience and is the essential ingredient to change in any culture and society. Art takes a lot of money to make unfortunately. 

WHAT is a Patron?
Artists have needed patrons since money became a part of society. Patrons not only buy artists work and commission them, they hold a special trusted relationship in which that artist shares their ideas and process; patrons support artists financially but in other ways too, providing them with the sense that their art has meaning, an audience, people who really understand and connect with it. That is worth more then gold. By becoming a Patron you will enter this trusted relationship with me. 

What Does it COST to Make Art?
Art costs a LOT to make! It costs me up to $12,000 PA to make and show my art; it goes on on art exhibitions, commission fees, competition entries, art supplies, art equipment, materials and running my studio, office from home too. I run a few art classes, they keep me in art books, pay for memberships, insurance etc. and help me pay for art costs but it is not enough. 

Your support will mean the world to me. You will literally be helping
me make and show my ART! As if your cheering me on 
in the studio, but in much more practical ways too...

HOW will our Support Help?
Through Patreon I aim to buy the camera I really need to document my art, to make videos too. To buy the projector I need to be able to make and project the videos to use for me projection installations. To pay for materials such as canvas, paint, paper and ink to make my art, to run my studio, pay for exhibition fees, to frame my art, make web sites, promotion and all the other costs associated with art making. Eventually to get a van as a portable studio and to travel to places both close like the desert and far away to make art about – eventually river systems around the world! Ultimately I dream of having a studio/gallery and a place to run my art classes from too. 

I have a plan for all the art I want to make, to share with the world! But I need your help to do this.. 

In fact I would LOVE you to come on the journey with me as I fulfil my
vision and purpose in life and make the ART that changes the world. 

WHAT will you do with our Support?
When you support my Patreon page you help me to create these artworks directly by providing encouragement, support and very helpfully – funds for materials, equipment, documentation, promotion, exhibitions, publications and other projects. You become a patron of the arts and an essential part of my work. You will also help me but creating a feeling that I am NOT ALONE in my art-making. (Making art can be a very solitary affair, which can be quite isolating) as well. 

What will WE GET out of Supporting your Art?
Amongst other things you will get a lot of love out of it, will LOVE sharing the creative process with me as I journey around urban Melbourne and further afield. I will POST AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK, with fresh images and text, photos and hopefully videos about my creative processes.* You will get artworks posted LIVE as I make them, see the places I visit and get the inspiration too! When I make art on the road, in wild natural or urban places in and around Melbourne, Australia or around the world you will get to live it with me, feel the inspiration, see me making art AND it will be like going on holiday! Truly you will be a part of my AMAZING ART ADVENTURE! 

You will accompany me on my artistic journey! Seeing ideas born in my studio becoming exhibitions you get to see me and my ART EVOLVE. While I take you
to some beautiful and
 amazingly places too. 

But HOW does it work?
OK, hopefully you're on board, great! Patreon is very simple really, all you have to do is press the BECOME A PATRON button and set-up an account. The have a look to the REWARDS tier and decide on the Patron tier and reward that you want and click GET REWARD. Or YOU can SET you contribution at ANY AMOUNT (above $2). (If you want to do this off Patreon and just support my art please contact me via [email protected] for one-off or regular donations.) Then you will start getting emails – please check they may go to your Other folder – with my regular posts, images and videos. You can see all of the posts here on Patreon for that tier too, (I will sometime release posts from other tiers and let them 'tickle out' to the public over time). Then at the end of every of every month that amount you pledged will be paid out from your account. Patreon deducts a small amount then pays the rest to me, I will put it directly towards my art!

What IF I change my mind?
You can stop or adjust the amount anytime you like, you are free to come and go as you like. On fact if you want to try it out you can at no cost, as you are only billed at the end of the month. I hope you stick around though! I'd love to have you here. 

Now what will we DO together? 
Together I believe we can change our world, from the inner world outwards! We will feel more connected, I hope you too will feel like you can express our inner creativity more, that we each will value our unique visions. You can set up your own Patreon, or comment in the Community section here. It would be great if you want to share this Patreon page with others via you social networks 'real' and digital. I want to hang out by the 'Digital Campfire' and share stories, but also in real life at times too! Lets go for coffee, meet at a gallery, come to an open studio or join me for an Art Adventure just for Patrons. I believe together we will make more art, joy, peace, beauty and change the WORLD! :) 

I really look forward to to it! HOPEFULLY you can jump on my Magic Carpet and come along for the ride. I cant wait to share the journey and fitful the VISION with you.

With so much love and SO much gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Katie Xx 

***More about rewards and tiers*** 

As I said before, you will share the journey with me and get lots of love. You will help me to motivate to share my artwork and process with you guys too. You will get other rewards too, exhibition invitations, special events, occasional surprises too! In factI am open to other ideas and offering other opportunities as we journey along together... Get onboard and see where we go! I WILL LIST ALL THE REWARDS below here in more detail in the next little while. Or have a look at the Patron tiers. If you're on a tier that gets physical rewards you will get them seasonally at the end of the year. Some BIG rewards (such as the Sistine Chapel come only after a year of Patronage) Hope that's OK? I am always open to feedback, suggestions and requests! *I may post these posts and videos and images to other more public platforms over time but YOU will be the FIRST to hear about it, to see it. Perhaps I will publish them as a blog or book one day. 

To start with all patrons will receive this level of reward. Any support I get is AWESOME and I want you to know how much it means to me. So thank you! Thank you, thank you.

You my patron, will of course be invited to all my exhibitions and other art events. Plus a special private virtual preview when a new body of work is being hatched into an exhibition. PLUS Invitations to special Patron only events and experiences such as Patron Parties and previews....

On random occasion you will get these little arty posts of artwork into your inbox, it might be mine, it might be someone else's. It might not be that often, you might be a flood of them! Every now and then I will let the posts that go to the other tiers filter down, so you will get some of them too, eventually. If you want to get regular live updates from my studio, stay on the pulse of my art, please consider the $6 a month tier. It's not much money (hey like a cup of coffee or two) but will make a huge difference to me! If you do that you will get regular Glimpses into my Studio.

Whohhoo! You will get regular live updates from my studio, for the $6 a month tier. It's not much money maybe (enough a coffee or two – lucky I don't drink coffee) as will make a huge difference to me! If you do that you will get regular Glimpses into my Studio and see the artwork in the making. Yep that's FRESH ART in your lunchbox, I mean inbox every few days hopefully.

Every week my Medici Family tier will see all the art and blogs I post here. I am aiming to post one every Monday – so that is at least 50 posts with updates on latest artworks, ideas, artworks in progress, exhibitions, residencies and more! Possibly I will post more, but lets start with that. That should get more art in your life and more of an insight into my creative process.

Oh yes! Soon I am going to be investing in a new camera and posting videos to you! I might post them to Youtube too, but you will get them first. You will virtually visit my studio and see the latest art, have cups of tea in my garden, tours of my local park and anything else arty and beautiful I feel is worth filming and sharing with you. What a wonderful adventure we will embark on. (Like the other posts these will get filtered down to other tiers and eventually perhaps to the public.)

$10 and up ART GIFTS:
This is the BEST, you will get random, actual physical ART GIFTS, cards and other things to to say thank you so so SO so much! I will send you seasonally, and especially towards the end of the year, for you to use as you will. So look forward to some extra art in your actual letter box before Xmas each year. Those at a higher tier will get more of course! More abut things I make: http://www.redbubble.com/people/katierobertsart?ref=account-nav-dropdown (Please note this only applies to patrons after at least six months and only those that give a mailing address) 

For works not in a commercial gallery or exhibition you get a discount 10% off the price of artwork where possible! Yes, that's right, you will effectively get some of your Patreon pledge money right back in ART if you decide to buy an artwork. For those of you at the higher tiers of over $100 you get 20% off selected artwork where possible. Plus actually artwork made for you too! 

****NEW!! The Golden Guild – Online Art Classes!***

This is a very special offering, but I will be making a online art classes including basic and advanced techniques, exercises, insights, fantastic video demonstrations and special bonuses.
A new episode will be released in four parts with one intro free to the public and the rest JUST FOR YOU!! This year we will cover Journals, Line, Gesture, Structure, Tone, Drawing fro Nature, Composition, Colour, Proportions, Mixed Media and more!

Join my ART CLASS CLUB *** Temporary Postponed – replaced by one-on-ones! ***
You guys are a special group, you are my art class. Anyone who has come to my actual classes knows I love, care and value my students enormously! I will give you individual feedback on your art and projects, advice and prompts to make art even. You are going to be treated with the same degree of care. We are an art club and perhaps the beginning of something that will grow from this, who knows?..
MEET FOR COFFEE: Lets meet in a group and go to the National Gallery here in Melbourne, look at a show, talk art and have coffee and sketch together. Doesn't that sound wonderful!? ** Temporary Postponed – replaced by one-on-ones! ***

WORKSHOPS:Come along to one of my art workshops in 'real life' at a discount (or perhaps even for free)! I'll let you know more. Lets make art together! Yay :)

NEW One-on-One Mentoring Session:
Given we can not meet in person at the moment I would like to offer you one-on-one sessions on your art. If you would like a video call and some mentoring, I would be happy to offer that to all my Patreon Golden Guild students. Once every six weeks or so, just for 15-20mins, but we'll see how it goes! :) 

If you would like an original artwork this entitles you to a piece to be negotiated by arrangement (within limitations) Come to my studio, have a glass of wine and lets discuss.

$1000 plus! MEET IN VENICE: ***Travel Connection Temporarily unavailable!*** 
If we can manage it I will meet you in Venice and we will discuss great art over long lunches and perhaps I will even design or paint your ceiling for you! Seriously... (well again within limitations!) Lets talk about it.. over a glass of wine or two... and a visit to the biennale. Commission level tier.

I have plans to add other tiers over the coming weeks and months, including an art class tier! Let me know if there is something your heart desires and I will see what I can do! Thank you thank you for reading thus far and I hope to see you as one of my valued and beloved Patrons soon!  

Welcome to my studio. See you in there! :) 

$80.93 of $100 per month
Yay! Art materials, now I can go to the art shop and buy myself another huge roll of paper! (I have completely run out) So now I can do some more big, giant drawings for you all. :) Thanks a million guys, this is a great milestone, you are really helping me make THE ART!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 294 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 294 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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