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I'm Fi (rhymes with "me" not "my") and I am a designer, maker and artist living with chronic fatigue (CFS/ME), migraines and dysthymia (persistent depression) since I was 19. These invisible illnesses have made normal life difficult for 35 years now, more so because I am adept at hiding them from casual view, and almost no-one knows how frustrating this has been for a previous 'gifted child' and over-achiever – so many ideas and projects imagined but so little energy to complete them. Sometimes that makes me a little bit tetchy!

As a designer, I love designing quilts that use multiple blocks to create a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts, making deceptively complex patterns using simple basic techniques that are easily mastered. And I'm coming to love the interplay between piecing and folk-art style appliqué as well.

As a maker, I'm influenced by my collection of antique needlework tools and haberdashery, as well as a long-term interest in dolls and figurative sculpture.

As an artist, much of my past work was large textile art, but I'm currently discovering the joy of working in miniature, both on paper and in stitch. I really want to explore small scale, detailed drawing, painting and printmaking more this year.

I'm also a gardener, dilettante writer, enthusiastic collector of antique needlecraft tools, amateur genealogist, and sometime gobby bitch. (Fair warning – if swearing offends you, you're not going to like me much.)

Join me for the creative adventures of a smart, sweary, occasionally ranty woman-of-a-certain-age – welcome to my journey!

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