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-Access to my patron only stream
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-Free downloads of all my new tracks
-Access to my Patron only stream




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My dream is to travel the world and play music. To be 100% dedicated to music; play music every day, constantly explore, learn, and improve. Patreon is a way I can reach this goal. With your help, and through many small, monthly contributions, I can eventually earn a living entirely from my art!

I'm going to release one new song every month, as well as music videos, tutorial videos, live shows on the internet, and more. This Patreon project will allow me to become totally freelance (no more restaurant jobs) and 100% of my income will come from music! I will be totally independent, make tons of music all the time, and eventually go on tour. 

Becoming a Patron is easy! Just check out the rewards on the right and choose one. You will be charged once per month, and you can increase or decrease your pledge at any time. Even if it's only a couple bucks, your support means the world to me!

The additional income will allow me to:
-make tons of music all the time
-take piano lessons
-take singing lessons
-buy new gear and upgrade my creative process
-film videos
-increase my reach on social media
-experience true, life-changing art dedication and complete immersion

Finally, 10% of my monthly income will be donated to Musicandyouth.org, a charity that provides free after school music programs for young people in urban areas. Music has always helped me, and I want to spread the love and joy of music so that it can do the same for others.

I believe in the power of ideas, the power of your voice, the power of thinking. In this age, artists are more important than ever- we need to fight the big corporations, fight ignorance, and not be afraid to reinvent and get outside the box! Let's never stop dreaming!

$1 of $500 per song
Goodbye non-musical jobs! I will become a real independent musician and dedicate 100% of my free time to making music. I will live like a guru, waking up to music, writing & recording & practicing all day, and performing at night!
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