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About Being Scared

Hello my friends. I am Being Scared. You may have seen my YouTube Channel under the same name, where I narrate scary stories. You might have seen one of my Scary Stories For A Rainy Night videos, or a collaboration special with Mortis Media, or We Shouldn't Be Here. I have huge plans for the future of my videos. The intent is to make quality videos that will make your hair stand on end, relax you with ambient sounds, and give you that lovely feeling of being scared you adore so much. My fans mean the world to me. I can never thank you enough for your support.

Why am I on Patreon?

Well, the short answer is, I want to make better content for you. Horror stories are my passion. I want to upload more quality videos at a faster rate. Patreon may allow me to do that. Patreon is a continuous crowdfunding for creators like myself to release content weekly. My goal is to use the funds I make on Patreon, and put it right back into the horror videos I create.

What type of videos do I create?

I love to narrate and create videos that will creep you out, make it hard to sleep, or hopefully, scare the hell out of you! A video like Scary Stories For A Rainy Night - Volume 15.

Or Volume 17... featuring my good friend Mortis Media!!

How can you help?

You can help me greatly by pledging a monthly amount of your choosing, and becoming a Patron of Being Scared. No worries if you can't do that, all my videos will still be available to you for free on YouTube. However if you can help me out every month, I will shout you out in the descriptions to every video, every week. Your monthly contribution will never be unappreciated!!

Thank you very much for visiting my page!

-Being Scared

$525.78 of $1,500 per month
I will have the time to put out multiple high quality videos every week. 
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