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About Vivi

Hi, I'm Vivi! (Yes, like the one from Final Fantasy. It's the nickname my friends gave me, lol!) So, basically, I'm a self taught artist that tries my hand at drawing whatever I want. I didn't really think my hobby was worth making money off of but my family tells me it is! So... It made me think. My mother currently has severe back problems and other health conditions that makes it really hard for her to even get around sometimes. But, we have 7 people in my house so as you can imagine, we cost a bit of money. So, my mother has to work. Even if it's just 2 days a week, she works 12 hour shifts and it really tears her up. I suppose I'm just hoping that, if I could make some money using what I know how to do, then maybe I'd earn enough so my mother doesn't have to work anymore! I know it may not be possible, but... Any little bit helps. So, that's why I'm here. I'm not going for pity or anything, I just figured, why not be honest with you. You know? Anyway, thanks for viewing my page and, like I said, any little bit counts. I hope I can make some art that you all can enjoy. Thank you. ^-^
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I will make a thank you animation (can't promise it will be completely smooth tho, never done it before!)
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