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About eezstreet

Hello - I am Nick, better known online as eezstreet. I produce game mods in my spare time. Some of these mods are big enough to have a following, and the largest of these, SWAT: Elite Force, is available now on Moddb.

With your donation, I will be investing in the projects themselves, either by getting better software to edit things, or samples for our music people to work with. With how open these projects are, you'll be able to see where the money is going and how your individual contribution helps.

If enough people are able to contribute, I can begin working on more than just mods, but whole games. Expect updates in the future regarding specific goals that we can reach.

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We will add SWAT: Elite Force official NA and EU servers. They will be 24/7 and have anti-crash and anti-lag features.
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