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About Julie Cox

I am an author of fantasy and science fiction, usually with erotic elements. I have worked largely with Circlet Press, inspired by Cecilia Tan's vision of a place to publish the kinky side of speculative fiction, because neither traditional erotica nor traditional scifi/fantasy seem to like to cross into the other. It's important for people to experience romantic and sexual stories within the framework of the genres they already love. It's important for them to identify with characters like themselves in those stories. It's important to me in particular to write about the more absurd sides of all these genres. Hence the novel about the satyr hunting chupacabras in West Texas.

My Patreon is a chance to share my work with others in a more direct, immediate fashion, with nanofictions available to the public, and novel serializations and microfictions (short stories up to 1000 words) available to patrons. I hope you will read some of my content here and decide "You know what, I want this lady to make more stuff, I'm going to throw money at her." My ultimate goal is to quit my IT day job and write full time. There are many avenues to that, and it is not easy. We'll see.

My main webpage is Writing While Human. I hope you enjoy my stories. I certainly enjoyed writing them.
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