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Hello! My name is Rachel Jackson and I’m a puppeteer.

SHORT VERSION: I make puppet cabaret actspuppet videos and occasionally other weird things. If you enjoy my work and want to support me as I make more puppet weirdness, then pledge $2 (or more) per puppet video in exchange for exclusive rewards!

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: Backers create an ongoing pledge to support me with $2, $5, $15 or more per puppet video I release. These videos will range from film projects (example), to video taken live at theatre performances (example) to big ol’ crowdfunded things (example). At most I will release 1-3 videos per month. But not to worry: you can set a monthly maximum donation to guard against the unlikely event of my going crazy and doing 20 videos in the same month.

What Will You Be Helping Me Do?
José and The Hawk - CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS. I am wicked excited about this one. Born from an off the cuff comment made while shooting an episode of The Panel Jumper, as is usual for my artistic process, a title has taken hold of my brain and won’t let go. José and The Hawk is a buddy cop/police procedural comedy, where one of the cops is a puppet. Actually, a hawk puppet. After two really positively received staged readings, one third of the pilot script filming is complete. After a successful Kickstarter (YAY!) http://kck.st/2w3Jdjz, we have the funds we need to finish shooting the pilot. I'm planning/hoping to film and release it online early next year (2018).

LOOONG VERSION: I'm a Midwestern girl happily transplanted to the Pacific Northwest. I make puppet cabaret acts, puppet videos and occasionally other weird things that are even less easy to explain. I perform at puppet slams, festivals and burlesque shows in Seattle and all around the country (even occasionally in Canada). I like to say my work takes the familiar and twists it into dark and humorous shapes (but I also like to sing songs to-and-about inanimate objects, so my assessments may or may not be trustworthy). This frequently involves my taking a fairy tale and/or something from nerd-flavoured pop culture land and leaping into the absurd abyss with it. Often there is singing. Generally, I go places that are not suitable for young audiences.

Now I know it seems like the gig of being a somewhat-itinerant adult-centric nerd puppeteer would leave one just rolling in piles of sweet sweet cash, but sadly that is not the case. At least not yet. For me puppeteering is a full-time gig that I’m working to bring up to being a full-time-PAYING gig. This is where you come in.

I am asking for your help to support me and my puppet creations.

Patreon is a funding engine designed specifically for people like us (independent Artists and independent Patrons), somewhat like Kickstarter, but more sustained. Think of it as an Art Subscription. Or think of it as a direct puppet awesomeness-to-puppet lover pipeline. It cuts out the middleman so that YOU (the Patron), can support ME, (the Artist), directly, encouraging me to make acts and videos, funding appearances at festivals, etc. It also gives you a way to support my work even if you can’t physically attend any of the events where I’m performing.

Let me be clear: There is no guilt if you choose not to support me in this way. I conceive, write and perform puppet stories. You enjoy puppet stories. I’ll keep producing them whether or not you become one of my esteemed Patrons. Patronage simply exists as a way for you to say thanks with your financial assistance if you feel moved to do so (which I appreciate the heck out of because makes it easier for me to continue to create).

What are these “puppet stories” I speak of?
My favored medium has long been live theatre, so a lot of my work happens there. Or at least starts there. There’s no better example than “MANOS - The Hands of Felt”: a puppet musical version of the worst movie of all time* that mashes up the plot of MANOS with a heavily fictionalized version of how it came to be made.

I usually work in more bite-sized pieces, though. “Charlie and the Princess” is a short act that started life as part of a stage show called “Stories for Bad Children: Chapter 2.” Since then it’s taken on a life of its own and I’ve performed it at the National Puppet Festival, the Chicago International Puppetry Festival and most recently for an ACLU fundraiser here in Seattle.

Lately, I’ve been bending my brain more towards video work. Both for the obvious reasons (it a] lasts longer and b] reaches more people) and because it’s a new challenge for me, which is something I tend to run towards. Speaking of enjoying crazy challenges, two years ago I talked my studio partner and several of our friends into doing something called the Felt-a-thon where we aimed to film 12 puppet videos in 24 hours and live streamed the whole thing. My favourite video to come out of that was “Laine Mouillé,” which appeared at DragonCon in 2016.

And then sometimes I do things that are even less easy to explain, like “Dinosaur Loves Pony.” It’s a photographic serial story featuring plastic toys and other found objects. It’s the Tale of Two Lovers Separated By Time and a Love That Cannot Be. It’s…really just easier for you to understand if you experience it. Their story starts here.

What Have My Patrons Already Helped Me Do?
The Great Howdini - (working title) This is a slam piece that debuted at Seattle’s Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam in March of 2017. It combines puppeteering and magic andis the project that got me off my butt to launch my Patreon campaign

Sweet Ad Freedom - thanks to the awesome Patrons who helped me reach my first milestone goal, I've taken the ads off the videos* on my YouTube channel. Hurray for everyone!
*This of course only works for the videos featuring original content. If I do something copyrighted, like a song, the copyright holder has control over the ad situation. But every ad I could take down, I did. And I won't add them moving forward. Continued hurray for everyone!

Song of Fire (of Ice and Fire) -
My first Crankie debuted at a Game of Thrones-themed nerdlesque show in April 2017 (Fire and Tassels). 

Twist! My! Arm! - My good friend Beth roped me into joining her to create a sketch comedy show. I wrote some sketches and acted in all of them. There was a light dash of puppets.

And that is an overview of who I am and what I do.
If you like the cut of my jib, please toss a couple of doubloons in the hat to keep the old tub afloat, yar!
If not, no worries, I thank you for dropping by and reading this far.
Respectfully Submitted,
- Rachel (and the puppets)

cover photos by Jules Doyle
$10 of $25 per video
SWEET FREEDOM! When I reach this awesome milestone, I'll set all of the original content* on my YouTube channel free of outside advertising! 

*if I use copyrighted material, the owners are the people monetizing it. so those are ads I can't kill. yet. ;)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts

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