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Ability to participate in polls about drawing content. (Polls will be conducted several times per month.) 
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In addition to poll participation, ability to make specific suggestions about what characters, general subject matter, gets drawn. 1 request per month (I have too many people to fulfill 100% of requests, so not a guarantee. I will try my best though.) No requests for OC or extremely minor characters (basically "anything that is only relevant to you, the requester"); Those are commissions, and have separate pricing, send details to my email.




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About BB (The artist known as BB)

Porn and dank elf memes.
Tumblr deleted my account so please use these locations instead.

SFW stuff is posted on:

Porn (censored) is posted on:

To browse and download 3000+ pics of my past work, use the MEGA archives:!jjAhVYgQ!0du879iscqX0VOZqYBqwNw
Also, while unaffiliated with me personally, e-hentai has frequently updated galleries, and is the easiest way to browse through my work in chronological order:

Finally, commission me directly at my email (use this for OC requests): 
[email protected]
(high chance of no reply though, I am busy and my inbox is full of commissions.)
Commission price is "pay-what-you-want." Most people pay $30 ~ $100. [To protect from scammers, DO NOT send me money in advance. I will NEVER ask for money before I deliver a picture.] When I do deliver a commission, it will probably be without warning. If you do not have money to pay for it, don't worry, just pay me when you can.

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