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About Matthew Wolf

Update 11/16/2021: Thank you & Wow

I'm speechless. We reached OUR next GOAL!!! Thanks in large part to a hugely generous and newest GOD TIER 
Patron member. What's that mean? As promised - Now with more time, I'll be writing a new story for all Patreon fans, including you all as characters (those who wish to be included). I'll look to release it December 2021 / January 2022. All Patrons will get free copies and first access if you join before the end of the year.

Also new goodies and Ronin Saga merch shipping next month depending on tier!

Next goal - $1000 - If we reach this goal, I'll do a giveaway to my Patrons for a one-of a kind original 22 by 34 oil on canvas painting of The Knife's Edge cover OR a rare first edition of book one. (See post for pics and more rules/details).

Once we hit our goal, I'll do the raffle via Livestream for all to watch.
*General Rules*: By being a Patron you are automatically entered.
Neophyte = 1 entry.
Devari = 2 entries.
Arbiter = 4 entries.
Ronin = 8 entries.
Dragon = 16 entries.
God Tier = 96 entries.

BONUS: Every new person you get to sign up ALSO gives you entries based on their tier. So share the word than let me know who you got to join the Patreon Fam and I'll add your entries to the BIG raffle for a chance at this super rare Farhaven giveaway!


Welcome to the Patreon Fam!  

New November/December Patrons Thank You:
- Welcome newest DRAGON
Michael Gonzales!!!!
- Welcome newest Reaver Anthony Moravian!
Welcome newest Neophyte DragonSindurZ!

New August Patrons Thank You:
Welcome newest GOD TIER
 Rob Falla!!!! Wow.

New July/August Patrons Thank You
- Welcome newest DRAGON FIREPAINTER!
- Welcome newest Arbiter Rendi Abel!
- Welcome newest Arbiter
Annette Polsky! 

Now that we've reached $500 I'll be planning a huge giveaway & livestream! Let me know what you'd like - a rare Patreon only audiobook? Weekly videos into the writing process? (Vote in post).

New April/June Patrons Thank You:
-Welcome Arbiter Mikael Monnier!
-Welcome Arbiter Christian Juel!
-Welcome Devari Daniel Risse!
-Welcome Devari Joe Desiderio!

DRAGONS - First Edition Early-Release Copies of "An Arbiter's Gift" is SHIPPED!

Update Update 5/25/2021:

BONUS: All tiers are getting (tier-specific) surprise gift box rewards! Shipping today and tomorrow.

Hi, I'm Matthew Wolf, and I need your support. I'm an author of high fantasy novels and short stories.  I've been nominated for Goodreads Awards, reached the top 5 Bestsellers for fantasy on Amazon, met some amazing fans (my favorite part), and more.  Currently, I have four novels in The Ronin Saga, an epic fantasy series, and working diligently on the FIFTH and looking for an upcoming release (fingers crossed by March 2022).

Here's the trouble, however: I have a full-time job and a writing career and doing both is getting more difficult.  The writing part is my deep, unequivocal passion and at the risk of sounding cheesy: my reason for being.  Yet what started smaller, has grown.  All I want to do is write, but like any business, there's another side. I call it the promotion/connection side.  I try to stay active in the community by going to conventions, local book signings, doing interviews, supporting young writers, speaking engagements and more.  These events keep me engaged with my fanbase, and also help support my income in a small way.  Yet this is a huge time commitment and subtracts from my writing.  I do roughly 12-15 conventions a year, and all told, it consumes about 100 hours a week.

I backed off recently to go part time at my job so I can write more, but this has put much more stress on my finances. I want to be able to devote my time to my writing so I can get the rest of the saga written (nine books in the making). So things are crazy. Mostly a good kind of crazy. I'm good at sneaking in hours to write, and my weekends are usually quiet and involve fingers-to-keyboard. Yet there are sacrifices. I try to find time for exercise, socializing, eating... you know... those "necessary" human activities, but the strain between my job, conventions, paying the bills and my writing is taking its toll.

So all is good, don't worry--a little crazy is necessary to write worlds like Farhaven, but I realized recently this has led me to a conclusion: I would love to devote myself wholly to one career.  That's where you come in.  
Patreon has the ability to allow me to write more and better.  With less stress, I can almost guarantee you that writing will have more of the quality and complexity that you enjoy.  Of course, the more time I can devote to it, the better. 

I truly believe (and while I love books 1-4) the best is yet to come.  The characters are growing richer, more nuanced, and more alive in every book, but as my stress mounts, the writing suffers.  I don't want that, and if you've read this far, you probably don't either.

Here is what I'm hoping to accomplish on the near horizon (with your help):
  • Finish book FIVE of The Ronin Saga on time;
  • Audiobook releases of The Ronin Saga;
  • A NEW SERIES....!?
  • Lots and lots of more amazing fun short stories of favorite and new characters;
  • Sleep more.  Eat healthy and more often.  Run and exercise more. Breathe. This undoubtedly helps my writing.

Your donations towards a $1500 goal will allow me to quit my part-time job and side-gigs that take so much time and stress, thus allowing me more time to WRITE.

This will allow me to drop my part-time job, or at the least, my side editing/writing work so I can write more of the Saga, more fantasy, and feel less strained. 

That said, if we go beyond $1,500, then I have some exciting things in store. Not only can I devote much more time to writing and the Saga, but I will release plenty of fun content, and you can help come up with ideas!

Bonuses like: inside sneak peaks to non-fantasy writing; maybe insider glimpse on a podcast for D&D that I've been running/DMing; pictures of my cat Syl; and more :D

All patrons from the $5/month level and up will get access to monthly exclusive content, which you can digitally download and view as I post. At least once per month you will receive one of the following:

  • A side-story set in one of my universes (the world of Farhaven)
  • A test or draft chapter (in sequence) from one of my of forthcoming novels (book four currently);
  • A draft version of a new short story, or an old story I'm actively revising.
Alas, these need to be drafts, because otherwise the stories will be "published" once I share them.  In them, however, you'll see rare insights into the world and mysteries that might not be revealed to any other reader.  It'll be awesome.  Trust me. You will be ahead of the curve by months or maybe even years. 

Want to contribute more than $5/month? Awesome. I'm adding some stuff that will be exclusive for people who contribute at higher levels -- videos, thank you calls, signed copies, that sort of thing. 

I've ranted long enough.  Every penny helps, from Neophytes to Gods - I'm so endlessly appreciative. I can't say it enough. Thank you so much for your support <3
$538.92 of $1,000 per month
I will be able to write MUCH more.

-More time to make the books shine
-Books would arrive quicker 6-10 months instead of 1-2 years
-You'd always get a prompt reply from me!

When we hit it:
GoodieGiveaway (rare Saga collectibles)
2. I'll release a story PATREON funded based in Farhaven (50-100 pages). Best part, every Dragon tier and above can have a character named after them in this story!
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