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By purchasing this pack you support the server and get the perks.

  • In-game chat badge

  • Discord role

  • General Support


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Access to Arceon and Block Animation

By purchasing this pack you actively support the server and get the benefits.

  • Arceon building tool

  • Block Animation tool

  • 10 plots

  • General Support


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By purchasing this pack you immensely support the server and get the perks.

  • 72 Dj songs

  • 28 trails

  • 19 gadgets

  • 15 mounts

  • 14 pets

  • General Support

About Dr_Hmm

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I'm Dr_Hmm.

I make different projects in Minecraft.

You may know my previous works:

Taj Mahal Build -  Radiator Springs Build - WonderlandCreative Server

  What is Patreon? 

Patreon is a service that allows you to pledge to send regular payments to a creator, which massively helps them to improve their content, continue creating new things, and support themselves.

  Why should you pledge? 

Any pledges to this Patreon will support the maintenance of Creative and Open World gamemodes and the creation of the new ones.

Pledging gives you access to Arceon and BlockAnimation. Arceon is a building tool that includes a large amount of custom tools, generators, and brushes. BlockAnimation is a feature that allows you to animate your build (ex. rotating windmill).

Also, you may get unique in-game chat badge (an alternative to a tag), priviliged discord role and a huge set of entertaining things like djs, pets or particles.

With your support, I will be able to spend more time working on the server and even be able to release more high-quality gamemodes. Patreon allows me to work on really cool stuff for everyone while still being able to support myself. It also ensures that I can keep the server functioning for a very long time.

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