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Customized videos along with generally requested videos. Varying durations of time may ensue but I promise the satisfaction will remain consistent 😉

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They can be yours to do whatever you’re heart desires. Average day wear, gym use, and basic activities preformed while wearing these. Vacuum sealed*



About Kholmanns Kitty

Hi! I’m Kholmann and I want to make your fantasies come to life. I’m here to offer a service like no other, I want to give you exactly what you want, no holds barred.
I specialize in requests but will also be posting free bonus content.

What to expect:
-photos to be posted monthly on the 1st
-videos upon special request
-partial to full nudity meant for an audience of 18+
-webcam experience starting* at $30 for a fully customized video session (contact me directly for more information)
-access to various social media outlets as well as platforms where you’ll be able to interact with me directly
-personalized video messages
-much more!

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It’s a personal pleasure of mine to make your fantasies come true. That being said, it’s also important for me to be able to afford to make your fantasies come true. By meeting the goal I have set for myself I’ll be able to fully invest into this business and hopefully we can move up in the chain of command together. I look forward to doing business, and pleasure, with you.
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