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About Professor Abrasive

Hello! I'm James a.k.a Professor Abrasive: creator of the Drag'n'Derp Gameboy cart, and the device du jour: the Saturn Satiator.
The Satiator is a plug-in card for the Sega Saturn which can boot games from a USB thumb drive or hard drive.
You can learn more about it in this neat video by cTrix, if you haven't seen it already:

I've been working on this project in my spare time since 2014. There have been a lot of breaks when life got busy - but now I've decided it's time to bring this project home!
The ultimate goal is to release the Satiator: a card that brings USB booting to the Sega Saturn.
This will be something you can buy and hold and plug in and use to keep your game archive alive through disc rot and laser aging - or even develop new homebrew software.

Along the way, I will be sharing many interesting things that come up, including quirks of the Saturn's architecture, insights into the development and debugging process, and new tools and toys that I develop.

To achieve these goals, I need a little help to make ends meet. Anything you contribute helps me dedicate more time to this endeavour, as well as giving you access to more posts!

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