Naturopathic Nerd

is creating a review of phyto and nutritional research for clinical practice



About Naturopathic Nerd

My name is Josh and I am, in a way, a naturopathic nerd! I completed my BHSc(NAT) in 2017.

During my studies, I discovered that research is something that I enjoy from both a clinical and academic perspective.

I currently am not consulting, but I hope to in the future. I would like to create an online space where people can interact with my journey as a practitioner. I also hope that I may be able to help other practitioners with some clinical tips and insights based on what I see from the evidence based research. 

To be honest, I am not sure if anyone will be interested in this venture. But I will say that scanning the literature can be time consuming, and so this may be a quick way practitioner's can glean some insights from the evidence base. Supporting me means joining me in trying to, whenever possible, create a bridge between the evidence-based medicine and clinical practice. If you'd like to support my work, engage seriously with me and my journey and contribute to my canvassing of the literature, then I hope you consider jumping on board.