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This is for those that want to be able to directly email me to discuss these stories and want to donate more to charity. Also, you can message me at any time to find out if a story you are unsure about it factual. 



About Ag_conservative

Many of you may know me from Twitter. I have taken up a hobby of holding the media accountable for spreading misinformation and outright falsehoods because they refuse to police themselves. Many of you might have seen some of my tweets cited in several publications over the past several years.

I have never sought financial gain for what I do. I'd prefer that the media police themselves and save me the effort. However, since they refuse to do it, I figured I would create this outlet to collect the examples of media bias and misinformation that I regularly come across and correct.

I will use some of the funds raised by those who choose to follow this effort towards funding direct and indirect expenses related to my research, but I plan to donate the overwhelming majority of what is raised to veterans charities.

You can always ask me questions or give me tips on Twitter: @ag_conservative

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