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About The Puppetry Institute

Our programs are more then a basic art class...
As a part of The Puppetry Institute we incorporate Common Core standards in English Literacy and Math by pushing students to think and participate creatively and critically with their own creations. Students utilize mathematics to construct operational puppets, sets, and costumes, relying heavily upon geometry, algebra, and architecture, and the practical application thereof for each respective project.
Innovative applications and repetition of core mathematical concepts help students practice their math skills in both an academic setting, as well as in designing and constructing their puppets/projects. English Literacy Common Core standards come in after the physical portion of the project is complete, where we ask students to develop personalities for their creations. Study is required for background information and stories, should students base their puppets in works of mythology, literature, media, etc. Each student will then be pushed to refer to their collective knowledge as each project culminates in a performance.These final exams allow students to share what they have created. Structured as an
improvisational performance, students are pushed to think critically and on their feet as they answer questions in character, absorbing the information given to them by their scene partner, and responding accordingly. Overall, students participating in classes at The Puppetry Institute follow the standards of Common Core according to their grade and/or skill level by participating creatively, constructively, and critically in the development of their personal projects.

Our Mission Statement

The Puppetry Institute will serve the Central Coast, and surrounding areas, giving all who walk through the doors a chance to experience first hand the beauty and wonder of an art form that encompasses all the other arts into one. 

$210 of $500 per month
Reaching this goal would pay for enough supplies to provide  6 or more free scholarships to the under-served teens in the surrounding area.
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