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About Caladbolg

Hey! I go by the name of Caladbolg and I'm the author of the original wuxia novel, Tale of Vjaira, and a co-author and writer of an ISSTH fanfiction, I Shall Slay Immortals.

I'm currently working on my main project, Tale of Vjaira. As for ISSI, it's something I wrote in collaboration with Deathblade and Colby, two amazing guys from Wuxiaworld.

After the little 90 chapters in 3 months challange I did (and failed) I decided to set the new release schedule at 4 chapters per week. I will be slowly adding bonus chapters from me when I have more free time to complete the 90 chapters challenge sooner or later too.

If you want to see more chapters, I shall be writing 1 chapter (4k+ words) for each 5$ from september 2017 onwards. I will also account the old donations and write sponsored chapters for each 5$ that was given in them :)

What else can I say? I love my writing and I want to become a successful author one day. If you also enjoy my novels, then any kind of support you give will allow me to spend more time writing and releasing chapters :)

For those who want to learn a bit more about myself, there is a little rant below, hehe.


Who am I and how did I come to love wuxia and xiania.
I'm Caladbolg, an amateur author of online novels in wuxia/xianxia setting. My story with chinese novels began around december of 2014 with Stellar Transformations on spcnet, the first story written by IET and translated by he-man. Immediately after I caught up to the most recent translated chapters, I began looking for similar novels... and I found Ren (RWX) and wuxiaworld with the ongoing, at a neck-breaking pace translation of Coiling Dragon. About half a year later, I took my first steps as a writer and started Tale of Vjaira on the wuxiaworld forums. My early writing was definitely far from perfect, but it was an enjoyable journey nonetheless - mainly thanks to the incredible community of wuxiaworld which didn't bash me for my lacking language proficiency and the not-so-consistent plot.

I still remember the next big event for me when Ren announced he would consider some of the original novels for the mainpage. I was obviously highly excited, but from the perspective of time I understand why he had chosen not to pick any of the original novels; their quality was somewhat lacking and Ren very rightfully wanted to keep the mainpage at a very high standard.

A few months after that Deathblade, the translator of ISSTH announced he was looking for someone to write an original story for him. I noticed that post mid-classes and instantly wrote an e-mail to him... alas, the mere few hours proved to be too much and he had already found someone. Yet, lady luck had smiled upon me; or refused to smile on the other guy? Who knows. Anyway, the person DB got originally bailed out and I got in. I must say that working with DB was a very precious learning experience for me. Back then I improved my style of writing and my overall english skills by at least one whole level in a very short period of time. Additionally, working and chatting with DB was pure pleasure ^.^

The story on which we had worked on is I Shall Slay Immortals (aka ISSI) and right about now, after Colby, an editor of Deathblade helped me edit the second part of it, ISSI should be getting a few nice and large batches of updates. If you like Er Gen's works and ISSTH in particular then be sure to check out ISSI here!

Last but not least, I want to mention a few great people who helped me greatly with proofreading my Tale of Vjaira in its early days. Wytchlord, Sitrix and Ains, a bit later on also Yong and Kawa. Without those guys I surely wouldn't be where I am now, so allow me to use this opportunity and say: thank you so much!

I read all this annoying rant stuff for some reason, now what?
Go read a wuxia/xianxia novel! If not mine, then go read something on wuxiaworld! Trust me, those stories are epic and great! My personal recommendations would be: Desolate Era, I Shall Seal the Heavens and Battle Through the Heavens.
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For each 5$ I do 1 sponsored chapter. For every 25$ of support I add one free sponsored chapter from myself.
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