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Thank you for being here! 

At this tier, you will be able to download all of the readings featured on the podcasts (meaning just the readings themselves in MP3 format, without additional conversation.)

  • Just the readings! Download for your own playlist.

Prose and poetry, at your service!

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At this tier, you are able to download *all* readings available. I record many more readings than I do for the main podcast. 

Thank you so much!

  • Just the readings! Download for your own playlist.

A poem or short story for thee!

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At this tier, you may request a poem or short story (under 7,500 words) for me to record and post on Youtube, addressed to you. (Each month you wait to request, you can add an additional 7,500 words to your request.)


A request for a youtube video of 3 minutes or on a topic that interests you. Again, this will stack each month, so if you want a ten minute video, stick around!

You receive any previous rewards.

Thank you so much!

  • Just the readings! Download for your own playlist.
  • Poetry or Short Story Request Under 7,500 words, or 3 minute Youtube video on topic of your choice!

About A Father Who Reads

Greetings parents and book lovers!  

The "A Father Who Reads" is now live on Google, Apple and Spotify!

We've just brought a son into the world. We were reading to him for the last two months before his arrival, so it gave me the idea to continue to do so for the benefit of other parents who want more content for their children. I was never really exposed to fairy tales outside of what Disney showed me, and didn't even see all of their films as a child. So, I have a library of fairy tales, the books the early Disney films were based on, Oz, The Neverending Story, the D'aulaire books of myth and folk tales - and will be creating audio files that you can donwload for a playlsit to use during quiet time or playtime, when you want to have a story on but don't have time to read one yourself.

And, as this is Patreon, I'm open to suggestions, constructive comments, and ideas for how to make things more intreresting to you as we go. 

You'll notice that most of the tiers involve my willingness to do recordings of various requests. There are a few limits: I'm not doing anything that is overly/primarily religious, political or erotic.

I'm very glad you are here! I look forward to reading for you! 
 - Michael

So you understand the rewards:
The readings will be downloadable via RSS feed, which should download fine on your computer, but you may need an RSS reader on your phone if you don't already have way (they are free.) This is very simple, but I will help you if it poses a problem, and email you any downloads in the mean time.

2nd Podcast
The 2nd podcast offered will be similar to the first, but serve to introduce the other readings available that week. It will not be an hours long version containing the full readings - you can simply download those.

No requests will go on the schedule before the first of the month. You may make successive requests only after each current request is complete. After 6 months of patronage, tier 4 and 5 can request a longer work, with the understand that it will be released as possible. For every minute you hear, 3 to 5 minutes go into production. Generally, requests will be loaded to Youtube and will not be available for direct download.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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