Mitya Burmistrov (Masta Mic)

is creating music/beatbox videos

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Good start, thank you! You get access to my patron only stream with fresh news
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That's quite awesome, thanks! You get access to my patron only stream with my news +
links to my new demos/ songs before everyone else +
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Hi! I'm Masta Mic from Russia. 
I started a few years ago as a beatboxer, but now I can't imagine my life without tones of controllers, synths, pads and guitars - they help me  to express myself much more. The reason I chose Patreon and is that I've got a lot of ideas I want to develop and share with you. I'm creating a lot of videos, songs with people from all over the world, also "Make Music" application for musicians,  a visual show, building a studio for better quality of recordings - I know a lot of ways how to spend money. 
I'm very happy to find a platform where I can communicate with fans and people who support me, so this will be quite awesome.
Finally, that's cool to support people you want to support. You will see them become better with your help and realize that we can do a lot of good things to make our world a brighter place. That's why I'm here. 
Thanks for your support, 
Mitya Burmistrov (Masta Mic)
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