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About Serghei "Cybersnake" Tricolici

Hi there, I'm Cybersnake from Thanks for reaching out on Patreon!

My current project is a website focused on Pokemon Go content. Our current team "me and Elena Jeru" would love to create more useful and unique content for all of you out there! At the moment we are working part-time on the project, but with your help we could turn into full time developers, this would be awesome and a dream come true for both of us!

My personal goal is to work on my personal projects full time, I would love to create interesting and quality content that would bring a lot of bright and warm feelings in all our users. Quality and constant improvement is really what drives me forward and hopefully you'll feel it in all my projects.

Please consider supporting us, since each supporter makes us smile brighter.

We wish you all well!
Much love from Moldova!! 
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We would like to create more Pokemon Go content, fresh and unique for all the players out there! This first goal will help us keep the servers up and will help us understand how far we can go with this project. We would like to create a unique web application that will be both enjoyable and useful.
With your help Patrons, we can reach that goal! Thank you so much!

P.S. We will start video creation on youtube and mention all you out there! :)
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