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The Shipgirl Project started from Kashima. She started this project and as the time goes, Kashima kept on growing. 

Kashima started as a small bot, like all other bots, last March 2018. She was made public with her at April 2018 with hopes to become a popular Shipgirl bot. I originally started this project alone, and before I made this bot public, I invited Takase to become the co-owner and maintainer of the project as well. 

Right now, at July 2019, Kashima is now sitting at 50k guilds, and even our growth is small, I would continue to maintain and improve this bot as far as I could.

Kashima's current stats in Discord Bot List

So why would we want to support Kashima or The Shipgirl Project?
While it is true that Kashima is written on Node.js + Discord.JS combo, which you might think is easy so you might just think that instead of supporting you will just want to create your bot, Kashima isn't that simple. She is coded from scratch by me, without using any bot framework. It took me a lot of effort to correct my own implementations, make it work like how I want it to be, and optimize her for the load so the users will have a fine experience with her. 

Kashima is also maintained full time by me, meaning I maintain this bot for my living so that means you can expect fast response times when I am around and really quick fixes for issues you may have noticed that you reported to me. By supporting this project, It's not only you support the Kashima, but you also help me to live and help my parents at their expenses too!

But The Shipgirl Project is not just Kashima..... Kashima is also powered / helped by these custom libraries / bot which are open source and available for you to integrate on your own bot / server !

  1. Shoukaku: A Lavalink Library for Discord.js v12.
  2. Haruna: An easy to host vote webhook handler for your bots.
  3. Suzuya: An easy to host server verification with support for custom commands for your Discord guild needs. Suzuya helps us to keep our community safer too!
Those are the major components of The Shipgirl Project. There are also another libraries that you can use / fork. If you want to see them, head over the "Useful Links" section and view my Github page from there.

  • Useful Links 
  1. Kashima: The First Project in the Shipgirls Project.
  2. My Community and Support for the project.
  3. My Github and My Other ShipGirl Projects.
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Over money, what I value more is the support for Kashima. Since she is my first bot, I was kinda bamboozled on how she grew and maintaining her becomes more challenging. But the support you gave me and my current patrons makes me feel like it was worth it. If you want to support us, feel free to become our patreon and expect a lot more improvements in future.
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