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What is Adventurer’s Codex?

Adventurer’s Codex is a free tool that allows you to focus more on playing, rather than managing your character or campaign. Adventurer’s Codex is constantly being updated with more features to further improve our user’s experience.

Who are we?

We are three San Diego native, D&D loving software engineers who believe the D&D tabletop experience could be vastly improved. Adventurer’s Codex was started three years ago, and two years ago we went from a group of friends to co-founders of an LLC. To read more about our vision, visit our blog.

How can Adventurer’s Codex help me?

From the beginning, the goals of Adventurer’s Codex have been simple. Enhance the core experience of playing tabletop D&D with friends without removing the classic elements, like rolling dice, the battle mat, roleplaying, etc.
We have achieved this goal with our Player, Dungeon Master, and Party Tools.

For Players:
Easily manage all your Stats, Skills, Spells, Armor, Weapons, and so much more. Auto-complete is available for Items, Weapons, Spells, Magic Items, and more directly from the SRD. Check out all these free tools here.

For Dungeon Masters:
Sharing elaborate stories with your players has never been easier. Our DM tools give you the ability to lay out your story Encounter by Encounter. Each encounter has many helpful sections to help you tell your story, such as Environment, Monsters, Treasure, to name a few! Monsters and Treasure also have Auto-complete data straight from the SRD. No more typing in monster stats or feverishly flipping through pages! For more detailed information, look here.

For Parties:
At Adventurer’s Codex, we believe that our Party tools are what set us apart from all other products. Once DMs and Players connect to a party, they will unlock several useful features. DMs are able to see their player’s stats, view a party status line, send pictures and notes, and display exhibits for the party. Aside from receiving content from the DM, players are able to create group and private chats with their teammates. Read more about all these features here.

Why we need your help.

Adventurer’s Codex has been up and running for free during the past three years, and at the beginning, this was easily sustainable. Since then, we have added many powerful features and created a company for the project. These technical and legal costs begin to add up. Here are some of our monthly costs:
  • Various servers that run all the back-end services that make Adventurer’s Codex unique
  • Development accounts on GitHub
  • Marketing to help more people discover Adventurer’s Codex
  • PO Box for the business
Aside from those expenses, we hope that one day we can get paid to work on Adventurer’s Codex part time and then full time.
We have invested a significant amount of money and time to this project for everyone to enjoy, and we would appreciate any support.

The Adventurer’s Codex Team
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Help Keep The Lights On

Adventurer’s Codex’s expenses are mostly run out of our own pockets, and on average, this is how much it costs to keep the project running for free to all users.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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