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About Angie Penrose

Are You a Short Fiction Writer?

In April of 2009, I started keeping track of guidelines pages for anthologies I thought looked interesting. The list started out as a file on my computer, just for me. Before, I'd run across an interesting anthology, but then I'd forget about it, or not remember until after the deadline had passed, or not remember the name of the book and not be able to find it again, so I started copying down relevant info, and listed the books by due date. Then I figured that if the list was useful for me, it might be useful for others, so I might as well share it, and I started posting it on my blogs every month.

Because of this origin, the listing is still based on what I'm interested in, with one or two grandfathered points, and one or two expansion points based on the interests of people I know who read my blogs. Here's more info in what I'll post, and how to get your anthology included if you're an editor.

Tracking down and formatting entries for the list takes a lot of time. Sometimes I'm in the middle of other projects and can't actually write a new story for an anthology myself right now, but I still do the listing every month. A lot of writers visit my blogs to use the lists, and it feels pretty cool to be helping people out. I love hearing that someone's made a sale to an anthology they've found on my listing. Still, that's time I could be spending on my own writing.

I've had some writers who use the listing poke me about setting up some way of dropping a few dollars in my direction. Recently, the pokes got fairly sharp :) so I asked my blog audiences if they thought a Patreon was a good idea. I had a lot of positive response, so I'm giving this a shot.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me in this direction, and to everyone who offers support. And whether you can become a patron or not, best of luck with your submissions!
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Still semi-pro -- if I took the average time it takes me to collect, format and post the anthology listings each month, and spent it writing instead, this would be in the middle of the semi-pro range. Getting better!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 63 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 63 exclusive posts

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