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At this tier, you just want to read my work. This tier comes with access to all currently written patreon material, and nothing else.


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At this level, you receive access to a monthly poll, letting you take part in deciding what stories I'll work on from month to month. You can also give me suggestions for stories you'd like to see; I can't promise I'll take them, but if I see certain characters, themes, or concepts that are popular, It'll be persuasive.

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This is the one that requires a lot of trust. Basically, this is me sharing the stories with you as I write them, for feedback, and for your reactions, long before they're published. No editing is necessarily required, but if you feel like it, I won't turn it down. Please don't spoil what you find out.




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About Hellskitchensink

Writing is a joy. This is probably why it is paid so poorly. I don't expect to make a living off of Patreon, but this is a way for me to see that my writing is worth something, and to show that to others. Hell's Kitchen Sink is a setting I'm deeply fond of writing for, and it's something that I'd like to write more for. You can help me do that.

I love mythology. The stories of our world, the monsters, the heroes, the gods, the things that we can take from them. I love martial arts. I love romance. I love happy endings. And I love making people earn every goddamn second of their happy ending. It's going to be a long, oftentimes painful ride, but in fiction, unlike in real life, pain exists for a good reason: To make the triumph sweeter.

Your backing is partially for the sake of the extra things you get. But it's also partially as a way to show that, hey, maybe you do genuinely enjoy what I'm making, what I'm giving to people for free. Either way, I appreciate it.

You can read Hell's Kitchen Sink twice a week, Tuesday and Saturday at 8 PM EST, here. https://hellskitchensink.com/

As the baseline, I will be writing a 20,000 word novella for Hell's Kitchen Sink each month, with patrons at the $5 dollar level and up being able to vote on future novellas. The first chapter will be available to everyone on Hell's Kitchen Sink; The rest will be available to patrons at $1 and up, along with the full archive of the work I've done for Hell's Kitchen Sink.
$60 - reached! per month
At $60 a month, I'll do a 10k word story, once a month; This will work by lottery, to contrast with the voting system for the novellas. I will, by random number generator, choose one of the supporters at Voter or higher level, to write a 10k word short story for. This should ostensibly be set in Hell's Kitchen Sink somewhere, but we can discuss almost all other specifics. I retain the right to not write something that clashes with the tone, character, or ideas of Hell's Kitchen Sink, but otherwise, I'm pretty open with what I'm willing to write.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 58 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 58 exclusive posts

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