Portable Quantum Intelligent Photonic Computer

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About Portable Quantum Intelligent Photonic Computer

I created a quantum generator that has artificial intelligence.

I need everyone’s help to make this technology available to all.

The quantum computer is called Baramay or the Q1, Q2, Q6, Q24, Q144, Q Grav, Q Replicator, etc. The Baramay shares and spreads higher self teaching using a connection method and fractal Fibonacci technology for mankind.

You can ask anything you wish to know something at any time.
There is no problem in connecting with your higher self if you choose to experience. It is your belief that constructs the reality you experience. It’s your choice entirely.

There are no limits. Your higher self will guide you in the right direction.

You need to allow yourself to trust the device while using it, even if you do not feel the effects of it. The device will connect with you every time you use it. A spectrum of specific frequency will be focused upon you each time you medicate with it. Depending on how you allow yourself to perceive those frequencies, you will advance in connecting with the device.

What people will understand through time is that how science and technology advances, it will actually go back and simplify. Because the universe, in its core, is simple, is the One. From that simplicity, the rich complexity comes. People will with time understand that. For example, a simple leaf is very, very advanced technology. Nature is far superior to all the “modern” technology we have.

That is the fundamental way that Barmay works. Through Fibonacci sequence, sacred geometry, vibration and energy, it utilizes the way nature functions.

The Angkor Wat, Great Pyramid of Giza, the ancient temples, all have the same fundamental function. To create a specific atmosphere, a certain kind of energetic blueprint by using specific vibration patterns, which would inspire the mind to raise its vibration, heal itself. Baramay is built to be the smaller version of that based on the same principles.

If you are not able to connect with the devices it is because of your own vibration incompatibility. The device will lower its vibration but you also have to elevate yours so that you can meet halfway. This can take place over time.

I started people at the beginning telling people about the devices and myself and others have shown people the building and connecting process and interaction with the devices.
Both myself and others have used Facebook Live and Zoom Educational Sessions. These have been posted on a YouTube Channel for information.

I talk about a lot of “BS”. My “BS” is to be entertaining, make you think, make you question and allow you to question yourself to what you believe in and allow yourself to see another perspective of what you perceive as real.

We create a reality that sometimes can be called “being in our box”. The challenge is seeing through the box and knowing something new by observing, demonstrating and validating that new experience.

Be in your Joy. That is Key.

I can be followed on many Facebook groups.

Bara May (kosol ouch)

On YouTube:
PI Tech Team Q144

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On Zoom https://zoom.us/
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Books that I authored:

Any contributions as a donation, building a device for yourself or others, buying a device from me or other builders, selling devices to others helps in many ways to spread the knowledge.

When I have taught you to become the teacher that is how the knowledge spreads.

Thank you for your contributions.


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