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Public Access Multics

Bask in the glory of classic Multics ALM, APL, BASIC, BCPL, C, COBOL, EXEC_COM, Fortran, MacLISP, MIX, Pascal, PL/I, and RDC programming languages and the Emacs, TECO, QEDX, TED, and EDM text editors.  Play games.  Exchange messages, email, and participate in Multics Forum meetings. Experience real timesharing — as a public utility.

A new BAN AI Systems Public Access Multics project - 'Supporter' - has been created on the BAN system — this project will have some additional privileges, such as more quota, less bumping, a Supporter forum meeting, etc. for anyone who wishes to donate to help support the project.

BAN.AI Multics will ALWAYS remain a free public service, offering 'User' accounts to all, and anonymous open access.

The BAN Multics system operates in honor of, and as a tribute to, it's creators, the Multicians (who have their own special access), and their pioneering ideas, so that that everyone can authentically experience, first hand, the system which is the fruit of their combined efforts, and so that their accomplishments will never be forgotten.

You can also help ensure that Prof. Corbató’s legacy of research and education lives on in the next generation of students by giving to the Fernando J. Corbató Fellowship Fund.
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