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You're awesome- decorate your computer on me. This level has access to the wallpapers as they are created each month. This tier will also include single-song downloads. Stay tuned.
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Music and a good read. This will get you a copy of my last album, as well as a copy of my Ebook, "The Rhyme of the Golden Aegis". This level will also have access to wallpapers.

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Music, more to read. In addition to what you'd get at the $5.00 level, you'll also get a copy of the first Tales of Calopa novella, "The Fahlworth Papers. This level will also have access to wallpapers.




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Thanks for checking out my Patreon page!

Who Am I?
My name's Xero, and I'm the creative force behind The Archetype Trilogy, Tales of Calopa, I regret Nothing, Project DTGA, Xerjester, and more. I'm a writer, illustrator, musician, and voice-over artist. Following that, you might imagine I write books, create art and videos, and songs. You'd be correct. I like you already. You can check out even more by hitting up my main site at Xerjester.com.

Why I Need Your Help.
I've got plans, and a need to entertain. There are projects in the pipeline that I would *love* to finally bring to the forefront. But while I might have the time, money's an issue. Recently, YouTube's ad revenue service has become so inundated with false content claims (and subsequently people who are making money off of content that is blatantly not theirs) that the only way to seemingly make bank on your work is to be attached to an entertainment channel at the hip. Well, that's not where I'm at.

I want to make more, do more, and yes, entertain more. That's where you come in. By supporting my work, you're giving me the opportunity to crank out bigger and better stuff, such as some of the goals I've listed on this page. 

What You Get.
Extras, as quickly as I can make them/as much as I can that's requested. specific art, wallpapers, music downloads, member's-only stuff in the future. I'm not about to go into this gig without intending to give back to the people that help me out.

The two big milestones I've got in the pocket are purely in the vein of "this would be fantastic were it to happen". First off, a live-action comedy short series called "Xero Should Be Writing". Absurd, surrealist humor with a heavy dose of geek influence.

Secondly is the return of my comic Nine Shot Sonata. I deeply love this tale, and it was a real wrench to have to walk away from it. If it so happens that it gets funded, I say RAD. If not, it won't stop the flow of other work. The Spice Must Flow, etc.

$1000.00 - I will produce 1 season (18 episodes or more) of "Xero Should Be Writing".
$5000.00 - I will produce Nine Shot Sonata for one year.

NOW. I'm already turning out videos, art, books, and music. The big current project is part 2 of Chronometry- a motion comic based on my Tales of Calopa series, and you can watch part 1 of it on YouTube right now. Beyond that, is more stuff for you to enjoy.
$1 of $500 per Novels, Novellas, Illustrations, Songs, YouTube videos
With this kind of funding, I will be able to buy the equipment necessary to produce the first season (18 episodes approximately) of the live-action comedy shorts "Xero Should Be Writing".
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