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We are The World Leadership School. Together, we have decades of experience around innovative educational practices in the classroom, wilderness and diverse global environments. We are proud to foster student leadership and enrich lives with our numerous programs and opportunities. WLS was founded on the belief that we live at a crossroads of world history. World population continues to increase and issues such as climate change and education are getting worse in many areas of the world. As educators, we have a responsibility to help young people develop a sense of purpose and make connections to the world around them. Empathetic, world-connected citizens can make a huge difference for our planet’s future. That’s why we bring service learning and student enrichment opportunities to our partner schools. WLS’s mission is to “empower young leaders to find innovative solutions to the world’s pressing problems.” We do this by helping K-12 schools transform learning. However to do this requires funding, that is where you, gracious people, come in to help provide the needed money to run this organization.
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