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About d12dev

Chartopia aspires to be the premier tool to create, manage and share random generators and random tables. Not only does Chartopia provide the digital tools to create, organize, edit and roll on your own random tables, it provides a means to share your creations, or discover those of others. This makes it a perfect tool for not just role playing gamers, but world builders, and authors looking for inspiration.

The classic pencil and paper role-playing game, that ebbs and flows by a flexible narrative rather than abide by the rigid rules of board games, have for decades relied on publishers to provide source material to describe worlds, characters, equipment and events. Players, often wanting to expand on what publishers offer, create their own random tables that they share with friends and fans via email or blogs.

As you may have experienced, random tables (and random generators) exist in a multitude of formats, whether they be on an author's blog, inside a friend's spreadsheet, as a .pdf, or perhaps as a massive stash of notes meticulously written out by hand.

Chartopia is therefore trying to solve two big problems:
  • Streamlining the workflow of the Game Master and
  • Improving the content creation and content discovery of new roleplaying material for one's games.
You can find out more about what Chartopia has to offer by going to the website. It's totally free to use and we welcome any feedback.

We need your help
Software side projects don't come cheap, especially when web services become involved. For that reason, we use Patreon not only to help keep the site live, but to help grow a community around it.

About d12dev
Currently there are two active d12dev developers:
I'm Glenn, a day job software developer, part time music teacher and lead developer of Chartopia, which has been a project almost 4 years in the making.
I've teamed up with Olga, also a software programmer, who has been meticulously adding to the Chartopia Domain Language.

Current Features
There are already plenty of fantastic features for you to use, all of which are listed on the features page but the core ones are
  • Search from hundreds of existing charts
    • You can view the entire chart to see its content or
    • Roll on the chart and be given a random result.
  • Chart creation
    • Markdown is supported
    • Charts results can roll on other charts
    • Add equations or use the results of equations to roll multiple times on linked charts.
  • A powerful template language that allows you insert code into the content.
  • Charts can be 'rolled upon' using a single button press that will randomly display a result to the user.
  • Results that call upon other linked charts will collate all the results together and display it to the user.
  • Input Variables - for creating complex generators that can use user set variables.
  • Folder and tagging tools to help organise your creations.
  • Dice roll history
  • .csv export, in case you want to transfer your work to different formats.
  • Print friendly charts
  • Filtering of individual rows and/or cols based on regular expressions.
  • Ability to embed Chartopia charts into blogs (outside of Chartopia's website), including dice rolling.

Release Plan
There are some exciting new features planned. Here's a preview.

Near term tasks

  • Upgrade the search engine capabilities
  • Improve the Discord bot (its name is Twelves)
  • Make a public API

Medium term tasks

  • Native iOS and Android apps. The mobile browser version of Chartopia is quite good, but having a native version would add polish.
  • Offline charts! The mobile app should be able to sync charts from the Chartopia web server to you phone so that you can use it without an internet connection.

Long term tasks

  • Badges and XP/Prestige, because celebrating the most active in the community deserves recognition.
  • Group based (collaboration) editing of charts (create as a team!)
  • Asset uploading - upload your own images and files, rather than linking from elsewhere.
  • Comment system
  • For publishers of commercial (or exclusive) roleplaying content, we intend to add features whereby their content can be 'unlocked' to a subset of Chartopia users. If you're a publisher interested in this feature, let us know.
  • Implement sub-sections of charts within a Collection.

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Servers don't come cheap. If this milestone is reached, it ensures Chartopia can keep running 24/7 will all the web services it needs to provide all the best functionality. Note that this is the cheapest and nastiest server setup available.
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