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Build 4of Chastity Quest: Chasing the Next Release
Release Post! Multiple Links!

Completed Game! The Dungeon of Lewdity
Final Release Post (Multiple Download Links)
How to Find all 6 Paths

The Sexy Cosplay Café

Release Notes/Post

The Latest Public Release of Eros Academy (V 2.30):

$1+ Patrons:

Access to new rewards from the $5+ tier two months after they come out. This currently includes 10 Eros Academy Short Stories, the Transformation Estate short story, 6 Mixed Media (Images and Text) Shorts, Parts 1-5 of The Dungeon of Lewdity: Origins of a Merchant Princess, and Parts 1-8 of The Elven Maid novel. All of these can be found in the Old Rewards Archive

Access to TWINE Patron Reward Game Update at a two-week delay from $3 tier patrons. 

Frequent News and sneak peeks for The Sexy Cosplay Café

Haven's Port Build 1

$3 Patrons:

Final Build of The Dungeon of Lewdity!

$5+ Patrons:
Access to the latest alpha version of Chastity Quest:Build 5
Access to new short story rewards monthly!

Current Exclusive Short Stories:

The Dungeon of Lewdity: Origins of a Merchant Princess Parts 6 & 7 

Two Monthly Reward Polls: 
Poll 1 - To determine the month's Short Story Reward
Poll 2 - To determine content type for Patron Reward Games

$10+ Patrons:

Chastity Quest Walkthrough and Cheats

A List of current $10 Patrons will appear in the credits for The Sexy Cosplay Cafe and Any TWINE Patron Reward Game that is updated while you are a supporter at this tier!

Don't forget your copy of Jaylee Coglin's Tales from Ellen's Sex Shop!

$20+ Patrons:

Don't forget your copy of Jaylee Coglin's Freedom in the Sky!


Welcome to the Novus Games! I'm a lone adult games developer, currently working on multiple games.

Haven's Port

Haven's Port Concept

You would never have thought, in your wildest dreams, that being attacked by pirates was something you would be deleteriously happy about. Of course, you never would have expected to end up in the hold of a slaver's galley, after a long chain of events you still can't quite wrap your mind around. You hadn't thought your luck could be so bad.

Of course...maybe it wasn't. For the Pirates of Haven's Port have come to your rescue. Which, would be an absurd statement if it was any other group of pirates involved. But the Pirates of Haven's Port aren't actually pirates, so much as they are exiles. Dedicated to a Patron Spirit of Love, Lust, and Freedom, The Order of the Wild Rose was once among the most populous and popular orders in the Old World, beloved for being healers and blessers of harvests. But that was before the Outsiders came. The first war with the Outsiders forced the goodly races of the world to turn to other, more war-like, patron entities. But those patrons were ones of Law and Order, who's Patron Spirits didn't tolerate the chaotic freedom of the Order of the Wild Rose. 

In the end, after nearly two centuries of decline, The Order of the Wild Rose was reduced in driven into exile, the adventurers who had been it's most common followers creating the Freeport of Haven...and founding the Pirates of Haven's Port, who raided Imperial shipping. Particularly Slave Galleys, which support an institution that their Patron Spirit loathes. 

Recused by this unlikely band of spiritual brothers and exiled will you adapt to the wild, licentious habits of the islands under their domain? Will you embrace their ways or remain above it all? Will you seek to become a Pirate? An Arena Champion? A Brothel Order? Or even a simply Merchant Power. The choice is yours...


Chastity Quest: Chasing the next release!

As fourth age stretches on, adventurous souls push back the borders of the wildlands, delving ruins of long-forgotten kingdoms, seeking wealth and knowledge alike. And so it is that a new frontier has opened yet again, drawing many to it for adventure.... but whoever originally built the ruins near the adventurer's frontier town of Hope's Rest, must have been a kingdom of perverts! The ruins are well over 400 years old and no one seems to know from whence they came...but the female adventurers, at least, certainly know what sort of people once lived here. Many were driven away by their first encounter with a bondage trap or lust bomb...but not Kiralia.

Play as the young elf Kiralia as she deals with the consequences of a certain diabolical trap. Caught in the clutches of a magical chastity belt that seems to have a mind of its own, she must set out to find a way free of her predicament. Temporary solutions are plentiful...but the belt always comes back in the end. Help her adventure along as she seeks out permanent freedom! Determine what sort of person she'll become under its mischievous influence. Will she become submissive to the desires of the those around her? Or will she defy her seeming fate to become a dominant. And what sort of troubles will she find along the way...

Technical Details: The game uses a heavily modded copy of Skyrim for graphic assets (full mod list available on credits screen).
Public Release is here

Current $5+ Patron Release is Here


The Dungeon of Lewdity:

Final Version Here

In days long forgotten to the modern kingdoms, a dungeon was built, one that adventurers quickly learned to avoid. Which...isn't to say that it was dangerous. Far from it. The Dungeon caused no lasting physical harm to any who obeyed its rules. It even provided fabulous wealth to all who conquered it...

But whoever built it was a total pervert.

Instead of monsters and deathtraps, the entire dungeon was filled with completely solvable puzzles...every one of which was of a lewd nature. Bondage predicaments, body transformation, mental effects, the dungeon had it long as whatever it was wouldn't cause any lasting physical harm. And better yet, anyone who made it through was guaranteed fabulous riches!

But, wealth that would normally have attracted adventurers in the dozens didn't in this case, for the safety of those inside was only guaranteed if they who entered did so with no violence in mind. Even the strongest of adventurers who entered within, intent of looting The Dungeon by force of arms, fell to the power of the dungeon's protections. And so as the ages passed the world by, The Dungeon gained a new name and a new purpose. It became The Dungeon of Lewdity...a final resort for anyone, no matter who you were. Be you criminal or king, rich or poor, The Dungeon of Lewdity offered one thing for all.

The chance to change.

The chance to change fate.

Fabulous wealth, unique skills, a new identity for those in need. All is on offer from The Dungeon...if you can make it through....

The Dungeon of Lewdity project is 100% complete and free for the public! Finall content tallies are:
18 True Endings
4 Village Endings
42 Safeword Endings
52 Unique Rooms
3,220 Images
304,387 Words of text!

Some of the things featured in the game are:

Bondage, Mental Changes, Chastity Play, Pet-Play (Puppy, Pony, Catgirl, Bunny, Bondage Gear), Predicaments, Futafictation, Lactation, Racial Transformations (fantasy/sci-fi races such and Minotaur, Drow, Orc, and Slime/Goo Girl, Dragon Girl, Tentacle Girl, Asari, and Ghost Girl), Both Dom and Sub content, Tentacles, Public Use/Free Use, Spanking (minimal), and Probably one or two more I've forgotten!

Featured Parodies: (On the Mental Path): Star Wars, X-Men, Tomb Raider, Pokemon, Naruto, My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, Star Trek.

The Sexy Cosplay Café(Development Paused):

This game has been paused until such a time as I can either improve the art, or bring in an artist to help. While the art was improving slowly, it was still getting too many complaints.

Development on this game just started in April of 2018 and has had three releases to date. As the character art in the game (as well as some of the location art) is 100% original, updates are slow, currently only updates once every 3-4 months.

It’s the summer before you start college, and you’re moving to the city a few months early in order to get away from your family. You love them, but most of them are a bit too…normal, for you. Thankfully, you know someone in the city and she’s promised she’s got a job lined up fro you. With a job, scholarship, and the promise of being able to crash at her place, you can't wait to get there... Plus, knowing Alice, whatever job she has for you won’t be boring...

Game Play(Mild Spoilers):
When you arrive in the city, your confidence in Alice having an interesting job for you is proven well founded. She has recently become the manager of a The Sexy Cosplay Café, and she’s badly in need of an assistant manager, a role she herself was filling until just a few weeks ago. The quirky owner is giving her headaches, several of the girls working at the café are seriously high-maintenance, and the Café’s business is starting to stagnate.

Alice starts you off by setting you the task of getting the current staff under control…by any means necessary. And given that she hands you a guide from her own time as an assistant that indicates she was playing dominant owner for a puppy-girl, lesbian lover for an elven cosplayer, and ‘stress relief’ for the previous manager, you’re pretty sure she really really means that any means necessary comment.

For the first half of the game, you will be attempting to get get the chaos of the Café under control, which means solving the girls' bad habits however you can! Get close to them and find out how you can manage them...

Once that task is done, the second half of the game starts(or will...once the game is more complete), as the owner returns from her trip around the world. Despite getting the chaos under control, the Café is still barely solvent, but you have ideas about how the Café can become more popular and profitable...

Eros Academy(Development Currently PAUSED!):

Eros Academy was/is my first attempt at an adult game. Started in February of 2017, it has grown (with much help from my Patrons!) to contain roughly 900 unique renders! Development on Eros Academy IS CURRENT ON LONG-TERM PAUSE. The reason for this is that I had a series of hardware failures that both caused me to lose portions of the game's development files AND the graphics card that I was using for renders. Development MAY resume someday, but it would mean I serious time and money investment, so it's a little unlikely. 

In the year 2025 a new company called Eros Academy opened it's doors. Their hyper-modern facilities began by openly offering sexual education of all types and rapidly expanded to become the haven where anyone could explore any and all facets of human sexuality in a safe environment. From the most mundane to the positively kinky, Eros Academy strives to cater to it all....

The protagonist, Faith Imati, is a young women who has worked up the courage to check out her local Eros Academy. Journey with her as she embarks on her quest to find out about herself. Does she like men or women? Is she submissive or dominant? Is she into something vanilla...or will she venture into the kinkier side of life...

Currently Included Kinks/Fetishes:
Oral Sex
Heterosexual and Lesbian sex
Anal Sex
Public Sex/Public Use Sex
Exhibitionism (Photography, Amateur Porn, Erotic Strip/Dance)
Sex Toy Play (Dildos/vibrators, Sybian, Strap-ons and more)
Pet Play (Ponygirl training, Ponygirl races, Catgirl)
Roleplay Fantasies (I.E. Damsel in Distress, Student/Teacher, Captured Warrior, Cosplay)
Transformation(Breast Expansion, Futa : Both completely optional and currently somewhat limited)
Milking(Very Limited)
Probably a few more that I've forgotten about at this point...


Why should you support me.
Updated (3/1/2019)

My games are non-commercial games with Free public releases. That means that I rely on your generosity in order to continue development. The more support I get, the more time and resources I can put into the games. In addition to simply being a good Samaritan and helping me out, there are a number of rewards for patrons of all tiers. Among those rewards are:

Access to frequent updates on both games, including sneak peeks of new art or renders! (All Patrons)

Monthly updates of the Dungeon of Lewdity (All Patrons at a delay, $3+ Patrons immediately)

Short stories and new chapters of ongoing novels. Which novel or short story series get's an update is determined by $5+ voters. ($1 Tier gets them at a delay, $5+ gets them immediately)

Currently, story series include:

Eros Academy Short Stories featuing a girl named Tali and her adventures involving the academy.

A Short Story series called The Transformation Estate, featuring light-hearted transformation themes.

An ongoing Erotic Novel with the working title The Elven Maid. When this reward is chosen by poll, Patrons get to decide which direction the novel develops in.

Updates. How frequent and Content Quantity.

The Sexy Cosplay Café is currently updating at a slowish rate, roughly once every 3-4 months. The Dungeon of Lewdity updates monthly, as does at least one short story or novel. 

Who is making this?

Mostly it's just me, Novus. However, as you might have noticed from the reward tiers, a writer friend of mine both gives me a sounding board for the female half of my writing and co-writes the occasional reward. Jaylee Coglin is a fantastic sci-fi and fantasy erotic writer, if you haven't read anything by her before, go check out her free stories at Lush Stories or Hentai Foundry, or get her short stories and novel on Amazon and Smashwords.
$380.96 of $500 per month
Sound! The one thing I couldn't squeeze in on Chastity Quest, with my current budget of time and money, was any sort of sound. If I reach this goal, I'll add things like background music and sound effects to Chastity Quest, in order to farther enhance the experience! I will do this both by purchasing some sound packs I have my eye on and start adding some sound to the game's scenes.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 538 exclusive posts
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