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About Mundesa D&D

Who are we?

This Patreon is something of a hub for those who enjoy Tabletop RPGs and other such nerdy hobbies. We pool our funds to afford cool things like professional artists to draw us art assets and the like and use these funds as a community to try and achieve something greater than the sum of our parts.


That's the name of the shared world we as a community of DMs and Players create as we play. We create a shared world narrative that brings us all together. The setting itself is what could be described as "Epic Fantasy" where heroes ride on griffon mounts, dragons rule the skies, and intelligent villains scheme. The politics of the realm are completely player driven, with NPCs reacting to PCs forming nations, toppling kings, and thwarting the plans of conquerors. There are interesting organizations for players to join, or they can create their own. Mundesa is very much a sandbox for the players.

Some examples of what some players have achieved in our games include the following:

The party buys a ruined town from the mayor, becoming the Lords of the land and helping to rebuild after a huge disaster.

A local wizard has been studying some rather dangerous research and has been unleashing hoards of crazed orcs and goblins with bit of aberrations grafted onto them, granting the now mad barbarians strange powers.

A feudal lord rallied forth a band of rag-tag misfits and established an embezzling scheme that left  the goodly churches of the coast with nary a cent to spare. It paid for an elemental driven Man-of-war.

Some foolish adventurers played right into the hands of a cunning villain, stealing the magic book he needed to prove the Emperor of the world's largest empire was irrecoverably mind controlled! When they try and stop the coup they get blamed for his murder and are chased out of the country by a HUUUGE white dragon Great Wrym, all while riding on their red dragon ally and fighting this thing to slow it down! They even used their acquired funds up to that point to hire out some help from AN OLDER PLAYER'S RETIRED PC who came in as a Cameo at their request!

We have fun here.

Not interested in fantasy tabletop games? Want to do something else? 

That's totally fine, we get that. We don't *just* play D&D here. We play any tabletop game you want to play and often take weeks off to enjoy some other shared activity.

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