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My Undying Love and Appreciation
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You will receive my undying love and appreciation for keeping this comic in business. Movie tickets, DVD and streaming rentals and popcorn aren't free and you help keep the comics coming!
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For a pledge of $5, I will send you a package of six cinema buttons every six months. Button images taken from the comics and feature actors, directors and other film faces you will love to wear.  
Monthly buttons or magnets!
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For $15 a month, you will get a package of six cinema buttons or magnets monthly. Never be without cinema decor drawn by yours truly!




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I make comics about movies and put them up online for you to enjoy for FREE at If you like movies and comics also, and you help support me, I will make SO MANY COMICS ABOUT ALL KINDS OF MOVIES and you'll discover, along with me, worlds of film that you never even knew existed. And you'll get the coolest preview ever on why you should see a movie, look into a director, follow an actor or explore a genre. Because rent and movie tickets (and popcorn) aren't free, I need help to keep making this stuff. Help a movie and comics nerd out.
$11 of $100 per month
Comics creation livestreams! Watch how the cinema comic sausage gets made, along with (hopefully) amusing commentary on the film or topic being profiled. Expand your knowledge of useless movie trivia! Watch me erase things a million times! Enjoy my squeaky voice! 
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