is creating Hyper Arts on SFM
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No Army is complete Without rookies!
Thank you very much comrade,call me if you need!
-My thanks and love

-A pet on the head if we met
-Acess to patreon thingies

Frontline Infantry
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The back bone of a good army!
I really appreciate your support,We might even be friends!
- All of above 

-I Will get the Oficial Infantry tier on Discord,Showing you're a true fan of my work

Includes Discord rewards
Minor Pilot
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Transport and Supplies!
Hey,that's some good help,your efforts will be rewarded
-All of above

-A shoutout/thanks For you on my social media
-Acess to Engineering Allowing you to see my WIPs before everyone else

Includes Discord rewards




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Just Some random anon doing lewds and spreading the love for other people.
mostly using pokemons and hyper thingies
$57 of $75 per month
Hey we reach a good ammount!
I will began to do longer animations and Long animations with both insertion and cum shot will become available to commissions
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