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Unicorn Baby
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- Official patron!

- You enjoy my content therefore you wanna help out a little bit. To some this may seem like nothing but every little bits help out, trust me!

- Patreon discord role

- A Random digital game key by sign up

Includes Discord rewards
Unicorn Toddler
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- Custom twitch chat command (DM me on discord what you would like it to be) 

- Christmas card in december (For 3+ month subs)

-All previous rewards

Includes Discord rewards
Young Unicorn
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- A thank you card when you sign up 

- A birthday card on your birthday 

(Cards are physical!)

- A few stickers per card package.

- All previous rewards

Includes Discord rewards



About Unicorn Patreon Island

Hi There!

Welcome to my Patreon!

My name is Sharon and I am a fulltime content creator on currently Twitch only. Planning to expend to youtube in the future aswell!

I stream 5/6 days a week 6-9 hours a stream on twitch.tv/sharon

Currently I am focusing on one specific game called Dead By Daylight, with a focus on growing a solid awesome kind community. 

Will I ever move on to other games? That is the plan yes! But for now I wanna try to grow as much as possible on Dead By Daylight so the transfer to other games will be easier.

As a fulltime streamer (meaning this is my actual job) I figured to make it financially easier for myself and give you guys an extra option to support me monthly it would be a good idea to open up a patreon site so yeh here we are!

What is patreon?
Patreon is a place for people to support me as a content creator even more by another monthly subscription. Patreon allows the creator to make different tiers of subscriptions with different rewards.

If you're interested in supporting me on patreon, please go check out the tiers and rewards!

I also wanna mention that subscribing here on patreon does not give you the rewards you get when you subscribe on twitch (such as channel emotes).

I do wanna express that you by no means are forced to subscribe to me on any tier here. This is mainly for the people who feel like they wanna help me extra monthly while getting some rewards in return so I can maintain myself financially easier. So please keep that in mind!


If you decide to become a patron and pleadge to a certain tier please let me know on discord ( discord.gg/sharon ) this way I have an easier time writing down all the information I need from you / give you what you get from your tier!

Q: What kind of content can we expect on patreon?
A: A little bit of a lot of things such as: Exclusive pictures (No not anything 18+ related), polls, special patreon giveaways, questions etc.

For example: Pictures of the packages I'm sending out (little sneak peeks of whats inside there) or pictures of sneak peaks what I'm planning on doing with anniversaries. Polls for you guys to vote what you wanna see happening on special occasions. Questions to get more insight of what you guys as supporters wanna see.

Q: How often do you upload content to Patreon?
A: It won't be a lot because I don't have that much content (yet) to offer but everytime when I do something related to patreon I will be posting it to the tiers that have acces to it.

Q: When am I eligible for certain stuff?

1. For the christmas card you will need to be at least a 3 month sub on the 5$ tier to receive a christmas card. That would mean if the latest month u can subscribe to receive a card would be October. This will be ignored on the other tiers (meaning if you will sub to the 15$-30$-60$ tier subscriptions you will get your card regardless on how many months you've been subbed (Be aware that once christmas is over you will ofcourse not get the card anymore and the card might be late if you decide to subscribe close to the christmas days.

2. To receive a birthday and or christmas gift by your card you need to be subbed at least 2 months before your eligible for this. 

3. To receive the 'sharGlare' special edition keychain so will need to be subscribed to the special adult unicorn tier for at least 2 months. Your keychain will be send to you shortly after your second payment goes through (mits you're in time for this special deal)

Q: Can I get rewards from previous months?
A: Sadly not no. The rewards from the previous months are specificly made for those months. (that is with physical reward packages, digital can always be seen doesn't matter in which month you joined). 

If you are subscribed to a tier that receives physical packages, you may always message me telling me you really liked what month x received for their package. I can always write it down and see if its possible one day to put it in your package. (this is not a promise, I'm only saying I can see what I can do). 

Q: When do we get our packages mailed?
A: The first time you decide to sign up as soon as I see your sign up I will prepare your package, and gets send out within a few days of you subscribing. After that I will be preparing the packages on the second of every month because you get charged on the first of every month. Then it all depends where you live, so the package might show up in the beginning/mid or end of that month.

Q: I dont wanna give you my address (therefore I don't wanna receive physical packages)
A: Not a single problem! If you're okay with paying the amount but you don't wanna get the rewards that's totally fine by me.

Signing up to a specific tier does not include your personal information. I might however reach out to you, just to remind you that you haven't given me your information yet (Because I don't want you to miss out to what you officially get) but don't worry you can just tell me you don't want it and then it's all good!

Q: Are the packages worth the money?
A: No.

You are not gonna get 15$, 30$ or 60$ worth of stuff in your packages. These tiers are mainly just to support me and in return you get some cute little stuff because I wanna do something back at least for the crazy support! Please do not expect you get a lot out of these packages because if I were to send you packages that have the value of the money
inside them I wouldn't earn money out of it and this after all is to financially support me!

You can expect all kinds of stuff like stickers, pins, keychains etc. I make all these things myself so I will try to make them as well as I can do and hopefully everyone who does receive them will like them!

Q: How does the 30$ tier work with the seasonal packages
A: I have no dedicated months where I will send out the seasonal packages. As a 30$ tier subscriber I will notify you when I will be sending out the packages. These packages will have a variation of things inside of them with different kind of themes such as halloween, christmas, easter etc. 

Q: When will I be charged for my subscription?
A: As soon as you sign up or upgrade your tier you get billed. After that you will be billed the 1st of the month. You will have until the last day of each month to make sure you signed up to receive the rewards for that month

Q: How does upgrading your tier work?
A: If you wanna upgrade your tier you will get charged the extra money of the tier that you wanna upgrade to. Example: In january the 1st you get charged for your 15$ tier. Then midway january you decide you wanna upgrade to the 25$ tier. If you do this you pay 10$ upgrading because you already paid 15$ that month. The next month on the 1st you will be charged the full amount of your tier.

Q: Can I get a refund?
A: I'm sorry no you cannot so please make sure you keep your patreon subscription in the back of your mind so if you do need to cancel / want to cancel, you do that as soon as you can.

If you have any billing questions you can check this link: https://support.patreon.com/hc/en-us/categories/36... If this link didn't answer your questions you can submit a ticket through here: https://support.patreon.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Please keep in mind that the creators of their own patreons have nothing to do with the billing. So I sadly won't be able to help you much apart from the basics.

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