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About Little Party Comics

Little Party Comics is a collective of two comic artists Lytlethelemur and WIlldabeard. We bring quality comics and artwork to readers. This the patreon account which goes to support our flagship website. We will bring you quality comics, including Equestria Chronicles, Tokai, and Outcast of Underside Series. Your contributions help keep our website up and help us grow our library of  quality comics. Patreons also get a chance to be part of our creative process for only a small contribution.

Request: A suggestion in which we control the artistic output, no alterations or detailed specifics on the part of the requester. There is no set time limit (though we do our best to satisfy requests in few weeks at most), characters and subjects must be easily referenced. Requests are at a case by case bases and the artist maintains the right to alter requests, Commissions ALWAYS have priority over requests. We also reserve the right to alter requests due to time constraints or other priorities. Patrons have a limit of ONE request per MONTH.

Commission: Please visit our site for commission info -
Your direct input is involved in the process, you determine how the characters/subject matter looks, and you can stipulate your own references, lore, and narratives. We follow your guidelines. Commissions ALWAYS have priority over requests.
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- Create and print my newest comic, The Ponies Must Be Crazy. 
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