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About Yaluar

I am a big fan of JOI (jerk off instructions) style clips and lewd games, so I guessed pairing the two would be great. Thus I created Fap Queen, a game where you have to, uh, play with yourself according to the rhythm/metronome, and do the kinky tasks the Queen asks for.

Fap Queen 1:
The game is freely downloadable from itch.io, and from Steam:

Why I need money
To create Fap Queen 2! Actually it is already kinda half done, downloadable from here:

Fap Queen is a free game, but I have costs with it, the engine (Game Maker Studio), the artwork editor tools (Spine, Photoshop), and the art itself costs money (I do the code and the writing, the art is done by others).

I made a post how Fap Queen 2 will play, you can read it here:

Fap Queen 2 already has some small budget due to Fap Queen's Support DLC, and of course thanks to the Patreon. But more is always better :D

FQ2 will feature
- 10 girls (or more if I keep the old ones, so 10 NEW girls for sure)
- nude versions for each girl during challenges
- a lot more text (each girl has relatively unique text)
- more kinks, from palming to futa, and a few kinkless vanilla girls too for the larger audience
- real patterns, unlike the hardcoded patterns in FQ1, this will have all sorts of interesting patterns

I learned a lot from FQ1 and I will consider all the feedback I got from it. 
$190 of $300 per month
At least 10 pieces of unlockable fullscreen art (there will be some reward pictures anyways even if we don't reach the goal, just not as much).
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