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Hello all my amazing friends and fans ! 

I've been meaning to set up a page like this for some time, and a lot of you have expressed interest in supporting my mission , and I'm finally giving you that opportunity.  Although the thought of asking for money has never sat well with me,  I do put a significant amount of time and energy into creating these videos and content and  I would love to continue to do so, to inspire and show you the world through my eyes !  I've also created a variety of reward incentives to say Thank you !
I've quit my job and I've followed my heart and soul to live out a life of passion.  To travel the world by motorbike and document my experiences.  So much of this world is filled with hate and fear, indoctrinated by the media.  They tell you that the world is a dangerous place. That people are bad, its not safe to travel as a solo female etc...  I'm here to share with you, in detail, first hand experiences of my motorcycle journey. Traveling to places like the Middle East, and Africa. Places I was told that I would be harassed, taken advantage of, raped and murdered !  But the real truth of it.... It was here that I met some of the most incredible souls I've ever encountered.  Experiences that have brought me to tears with the shear kindness from people who have nothing, only love to give.  In my videos I also share a lot about my personal life experiences, what its like to suffer with anxiety, depression and a chronic illness and still have the motivation to power through.  

My wish it so inspire people, motivate them, and maybe give them a new perspective on life and people.  I'm so excited that I get to share with you my experiences through my passion and art.  I hope to be uploading one video per week. 

I thank each and everyone of you for your love, support, and kind messages of encouragement. Please continue to share and make sure to press "subscribe" on my youtube Channel !
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3 years ago I quit my full time job to pursue my passion. Which was traveling, and sharing my experiences.  I put a LOT of effort into what I do, and I work more now than I did working a full-time job.  I want to put all of my effort and love into this platform so that I can inspire as many people as possible.  My dream was to travel around the world. Unfortunately, with my health problems, I have to take it slower than most.  After my last two big trips, my body took a big hit. I've spent the last 8 months recovering and healing at home. Last year I found out my "fibromyalgia" was actually Chronic Lymes disease. So I've been working relentlessly on trying to heal that. But it's not easy. 
I still keep up to date working on my social pages every single day, and try to put a new video out 1-2 days a week. The editing along takes about 18+ hours for one video.  Because of all my health complications, I'm now more than a year and a half behind on my youtube channel, so apologies. But I do keep up to date on my Instagram/facebook. These last few years I had to spend copious amounts of money on my healing treatments, not being able to work, I rely on the generous help of others to help keep me going so that I can be able to continue to edit full time and keep you all inspired and entertained.  It's enabled me to buy proper riding boots, flight tickets and the money I've accumulated and saved will help me along my travels. You're not just supporting me, you're helping inspire hundreds of thousands of people. 
Now, after a grueling 8 months of recovery, I'm now feeling strong enough to go out into the world again. A bit nervous and afraid of how my body will react, but I have faith and great will that everything will be okay!  Stay tuned on my social media for an update of my next travel plans! Again, thank you as always for all the continued support and help! 
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