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Hi there!

So, I've been writing music for a couple of years without anyone really knowing. I recently graduated college and had a bit of a quarter-life crisis thinking about my creative efforts never really coming to fruition. I am pretty proud of the songs I've written, (and have a couple pretty bad ass covers too) and would love to spend more time recording them.

Here's the thing. I won't ever ask for your money. I just ask you to listen and provide feedback so I can make better music. If you pledge to me, all of the funds will go to the music. Whether it's adding another microphone, actual studio time, or maybe even a new guitar (Mine has a terrible buzz that drives me insane), I will continue with my music. It's my passion.

I'd love to be involved in the community, and I was kicking around some ideas to make this a real cool experience. Maybe I could write a song WITH my fans, maybe we can collaborate, who knows! I would adore your support.
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I would just love to know if anyone even think's that it would be worth it.
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