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About Lee Demond DeCoske

My primary 2 year goal here is to publish monthly updates of my novel for patrons. It's titled, "De-Nazification." I intend to make it into a partially animated graphic novel. It's a story based loosely on historically true accounts. My synopsis:

The story takes place during and directly after the trial for Goring. Focus is not on the trial directly, but on how he befriends a guard throughout it after the fall of Nazi Germany. He tells stories ranging from WW1 exploits as a pilot to his tussles along side Hitler during his years up to and after being wounded in the failed coup. There is also background of his escalating drug use from his injuries. Ultimately the guard provides the suicide pill then disappears. Half of the novel is leading up to the suicide death. The remainder is spelunking to retrieve hidden treasures... the reward for assisting the suicide. Although a day or so head start out of town, military intelligence is in pursuit after the now on the run guard. They feel it's a Nazi defector. However, as they near the defector the unit in pursuit learns of the riches. Do they let the "defector" get away?

I was considering making this into a choose your own adventure novel game style. I intend to provide subtitles for all the voice acting. I prefer images, sounds, and movement. A picture is worth a thousand words!
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