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A Song + Devotional/Commentary to go with the song, some month's you may get an extra song from me.... and a long time patreon may get a hard copy album mailed to them. ( w/ a provided shipping address) p.s. Songs sent, will most likely be relevant to what is being celebrated that month, for example, you will most likely get a love and relationship's song from me during the month of Feburay and in the spring time you'll probably receive a song's about new life.




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About Matthew Balling

Thank you for your support, your promotion of my interest is not just my interest ! It is the promotion of a Kingdom assignment to help reshape a youth culture's belief, values and character that has been marred by a media who at the forefront have artist pushing deception and imparting lies .  
 Because of your support I will be able to devote more time to my craft and passion at spreading the Gospel in a relevant way.
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This Book will be a small magazine that has devotionals/commentary's for each song on my album . This will help teach foundational principals in God's word that may be mentioned in my songs on the Album.
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