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About Adam "t4nky" Sherman

Hi, my name is Adam "t4nky" Sherman, and I am currently writing the web serial known as Nowhere Island University. You can find it on it's Wordpress,, and like it on Facebook.

Nowhere Island University is a (rather violent) story about Nathan Jacobs and his mission to infiltrate said University. College coursework is tough, but combined with the paranoia of being a spy and the fact that this particular university subjects its students in the Military Sciences Academy to sadistic live fire drills and you have a recipe for a school career fraught with danger.

(CONTENT NOTE: If you think Pulp Fiction had too much cursing and/or violence, this story is not for you.)

Since you can currently view it for free, you may be wondering "Why should I pay you?" Well, that's a good question. Honestly, constructive criticism would probably be just as appreciated at this point as it lets me know I'm not creating this in a vacuum. If you've done all that, but think I should get paid, then by all means, donate away.

However, the key thing is what I can do for you. You see, I know that it is really hard to get noticed anywhere: school, work, the internet, etc. Patreon, especially. Did you know that you are more likely to be noticed if you have subscribers? And that the more subscribers you have, the easier it is to make them? Well, if you watched the video on that link (or any time trying to get noticed for creative work,) you'll know that that's the case. Therefore, I will do some things for you if you subscribe to my Patreon. I will put a link to almost any site of your choosing. I will also donate to your page, which will increase your visibility on Patreon, allowing you to actually begin to reach out to others.

Thank you for giving me a listen to my pitch. I would just like to reiterate how grateful I am to be doing this, and how much any support means to me.
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Ok, this is more symbolic than anything else, but still. It would make me realize that there are people who actually like my work.
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