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Hey guys! I'm trying to make reality a project that I had thought up almost a decade ago at this point, and now I'm giving it my all to make it a reality!

Star Stuff is a Science Communication show, focusing on the various aspects of our daily lives that are improved by the technologies and knowledge that come from Space Exploration and Astronomy. I am aiming for the moment to put out an episode once a month, but if I get enough support from patrons I can try to up that to bi-weekly, with a smaller episode mid-month.

As always, your donations aren't something you should feel obligated to give! Love, support, and even critiques and help in my video's formatting/editing are greatly appreciated!
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Gotta start off small, right? Honestly, if I could get even this high it would do wonders for my self-esteem on this project! Undying gratitude to all my first patrons!
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