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You get it all my friend: heartfelt thanks, good vibrations, good looks, and oh yeah, the B&W illustration PDFs (one parchment background, one white background). Currently you'll get not only the latest Adventure PDFs as they're released, but I'll also send you the links to 2 Adventures of your choice from the Vault for free! Yes I'm cutting my own throat. Yes that's a Discworld reference. Yes Dibbler was a great character wasn't he? Well, you're pretty great yourself. Yeah you are. Nuff said.

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Everything from the $1 tier, plus a full colour illustration and background version (PDF file).




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About Adventure Frameworks

Welcome to Adventure Frameworks!

Adventure Frameworks makes sweet mini adventures - stand alone, drop in adventure 'skeletons', made to facilitate sandbox style play - for $1 (B&W) or $2 (full colour).

Each month we alternate between making Lowlife 2090 (cyberpunk & sorcery) and Low Fantasy Gaming (low magic, high grit) adventures. The adventures are generally 10-15 pages in length. Both systems are d20 based and are easily adapted to your favourite fantasy or cyberpunk system. 

So what do you get for your hard earned coin?

Every Adventure Framework consists of:

  • A downloadable, bookmarked PDF (usually 10-15 A4 pages, in both parchment and white backgrounds for fantasy adventures, colour only for Lowlife 2090).
  • The Core Adventure (from small side treks to medium sized dungeons)that will occupy 3-8 hours of session time with Minimal Prep.
  • Rumours & Hooks suggestions.
  • Quality B&W Illustrations (for $1) or Colour Illustrations (for $2)
  • Where appropriate, a professionally produced Map.

But don't take our word for it - download three free examples (B&W):
(13) Gift of the Silent God
(25) Revelry in Northgate
(40) Call of the Colossus

Bonus Free Adventure!
The first time you join up, you get a bonus free adventure from our back catalogue (scroll down). Just send us a message about which one you'd like. 

Now, there's a few things AF's don't come with:

  • Boxed Text: Every time a GM reads boxed text, an ad-lib fairy dies, and I've got too much blood on my hands already. Paraphrasing and natural speech from the GM keeps players guessing what's pre-planned, and what's off-the-cuff-I-totally-planned-that awesome. And we wants that awesome, precious. We wants it.
  • No Grid: Maps, where provided, don't tend to have grid lines. It's easier to add a grid than to take one away. If you prefer a grid or hex, you'll need to add it via Roll20, GIMP v2.8, etc.
Armed with a handful of Adventure Frameworks, you can sandbox like there's no tomorrow. Browse through your library of AF's, throw out a few hooks, and let the players bite where they may. Whatever direction they take, you'll be ready to handle it with aplomb.

The Plan is to produce one Adventure Framework every month. We alternate between Lowlife 2090 and Low Fantasy Gaming adventures month to month. For example, the Feb 2021 adventure was a Lowlife 2090 adventure, so the March 2021 adventure will be for Low Fantasy Gaming. You only get charged when we produce an adventure (ie once every month). We anticipate finishing AF #65 by 30 June 2021 (Sydney time).

How do you receive your PDF files?
After we put up a post saying the latest adventure is done, Patreon will charge you, then we'll message you a direct link to download the PDF(s).

How Does Adventure Frameworks help us here at Pickpocket Press?
Adventure Frameworks helps us pay for the art and map assets we need to create our adventures. It's super exciting when we get to commission custom art, particularly for adventures, and patronage is a big part of that. True Fact: Without Patreon we could never have made Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting or Low Fantasy Gaming Original. It's a genuine enabler that allowed us to create those initial RPG works, and now build on and keep them coming! 

Well, thanks so much for taking the time to read our pitch. We hope you'll consider supporting Adventure Frameworks.

Black & White/Parchment Adventures:

(1) Tomb of Horutep
(2) Riveraxe Village

(3) Pillar Pass

(4) Caverns of Melusiah
(5) Ark of Phobos
(6) Chamber of Eight
(7) Old Bengart's Mill
(8) Silverfane Cove

(9) Red Hooks Tourney
(10) Temple of Shennog

(11) The Lake Below
(12) Rooftop Rumble
(13) Gift of the Silent God
(14) Izranorae's Tree
(15) The Iron God Cometh
(16) Delecarte's Carnival of Wonders

(17) Into the Furnace

(18) Halls of the Dwarf Lord
(19) It Came from the Sewers
(20) Spire of the Void Caller
(21) Eventide Isle
(22) Varn Karagoss
(23) Red Moon Harvest
(24) Battle for Rivertop
(25) Revelry in Northgate
(26) Cloudcrag
(27) Betrayal at Siradorn
(28) Ruins of Ashabat
(29) Riddle of the Golden Rat
(30) Last of the Longbeards
(31) Vengeance at Trollbridge
(32) Cultists in Crow's Keep
(33) Folds Between Worlds
(34) Carnifexum
(35) Hive of the Mudmen
(36) Den of Thieves
(37) Shadows & Dust
(38) Curse of the Salt Queen
(39) A Debt Unpaid
(40) Call of the Colossus (a "Zero Level Ordeal" adventure)
(41) Vault of Goblin Dreams
(42) Whitestone Tower
(43) Dungeon Flip: More Skulls for Ulgoth
(44) A Perilous Voyage
(45) Hanging City of Nenchagi
(46) Fane of the Frog God

Colour (plus B&W/Parchment) Adventures:
(47) Blight Over Brynderwold
(48) Tower of Baal
(49) Nest Beyond the Stars
(50) Night at the Green Goblin
(51) Assault on Dunmark
(52) A Creeping Tide
(53) The Deck of Many Things
(54) Rise of the Starborn
(55) Well of Demons
(56) Shadow Over Wistwood
(57) Fens of Molot Baat
(58) Cliffs of Elletarn
(59) Prophet of the Pit People
(60) Winterwold
(61) Roachtown Rumble (a Lowlife 2090 intro adventure)
(62) Barrow of the Broken (LFG)
(63) No Sprawl For Old Men (Lowlife 2090)
(64) Seven Doors of Memnos (LFG)

Back Catalogue: Our adventures are also available on DTRPG as a kind of "back catalogue" for individual purchase. They typically go up on DTRPG about a month later than Patrons receive them, and are a little more expensive. 

Steve Grodzicki
Pickpocket Press
Sydney Australia
3 June 2021.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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