is creating drawings of vore, bondage, sex big breasted women being used

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About Blackrain

I have been drawing vore and other fetishes for over the 10 now. I am now hoping to try and earn some money of my hobby of drawing. I hope that the more I draw and post here the quicker my skills will improve. I have several health problems so I'm hoping that the extra money I can earn from here can help me cover my growing medical bills and my other monthly bills too. With that in mind the more I can earn the less stress I will have and time to work on my drawings. I have so many ideas for drawings and comics I hope to been able to work on them and post them here.

I do stream's from time to time where I work on inking and coloring my sketches.

If you ever want to chat with me you can find on Skype and Discord.
Skype: [email protected]
Discard: Blackrain#9948

I have also made a Discard group if people want to meet up, chat, share stuff,  and have fun.
Discard group: Vore Lab:

I do commission drawings too, so if you enjoy me drawings and I have an idea you want drawn let me know. We can work something out. 

Enjoy the drawings.

I'm always open for commission and my prices are cheap. Commission I will try and get to work on as soon as I can.
this is the basic brake down of my prices.
$5 for a sketch, that a basic drawing two character. +$2 for each additional character. background is +$3.
$10 for a ink drawing, that's for two character drawing, +$3 for each additional character. Background is +$4.
$15 for a color drawing, that's for two characters drawing, +4 for each additional character, and background is +$5.

comic cost a little more
$25 for a black and white page, and $30 for a color page.
$97.74 of $100 per month
This is great and I am so grateful to everyone for all the support. This is really helping me to pay my monthly bills. Everything helps me to work harder on coming out with new ideas and comics. I have a lot of them and hope to have more time work on them shortly.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 677 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 677 exclusive posts

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